Monday, December 17, 2007

letters and midwives

This morning started out with William and I composing his very first letter to Santa. The only part of this letter I helped him with at all was the signature, the rest he told me exactly what to write. If wondering about the A Maze line in brackets it refers to his new fascination with doing mazes in activity books, he loves them! Maybe Santa can find a little book of them for his stocking :)

I love this picture of the two of them lying on the floor. I took a video of it as well. We were listening to BNL's Christmas album, and the Lament of a Elf song they sing with Michael Buble. William, while on his back, began to dance and it was hilarious!! He has some very interesting dance moves right now, somewhat similar to the children from A Charlie Brown's Christmas.

The toilet training isn't getting a lot better. Two poopy accidents today, poor thing is still determined but maybe getting frustrated. If I don't offer a TV reward he doesn't seem as interested anymore, getting tired of the whole thing. But we won't give up, we'll get it.

Need to finish wrapping Christmas presents but now its 10 and time to nurse Rosie. We went to the midwives today, it was our 6 week checkup already, kind of sad to leave. Pooja weighed Rosie who is now 11 pounds and 1 ounce and 22 1/2 inches (up from 21 inches when she was born!) She's gignormous as Pooja always says :) She asked if we'd be back for baby #3 and I told her I'm sure we would be.

Tired, time for bed, going to Nana's for Christmas dinner on the 23rd this year, gotta get rid of my cold and get ready for whatever fun our babies have in store for us tomorrow!


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

very sleepy

Today was another great day. Heather and her daughter Jamie came over and we all hiked - us with our new stroller - over to Bertie's place at the library. William took awhile to get into the game, he preferred to sit on a bench with Heather and I while I nursed Rosie. Then he got up and raced over to a round soft pit and dove right in, proper belly flop style. He was frustrated that his boots were too big for it so back over he came so we could take them off. Back he ran for another dive. While in the pit however another tyke came over and gave him a good bop on the head for no particular reason. I find it so hard to know how to deal with this situation. My momma-bear instinct is so strong that I just want to pounce, however of course that's not an option, and you can't get too angry, or angry at all, with the child without knowing the mother. So a kind reminding of 'gentle' to the instigator and a undramatic reassurance to your own is about all you can do. William didn't cry, he just gave me a 'what's happening Mommy!' look.

Rosie's schedule is off tonight as she visited late with Oma - newly home from Holland - and Gramps and Uncle Neil. So instead of being asleep by 8, its now after 9 and she's upstairs wailing away. Its soooooooo hard, it sucks! But I know its worth it, at least I hope it is.

As for potty training, William is still quite determined to do it. He's so cute, and actually ran to the potty today after he'd started a poo, very good boy!

I think I'll go now, and up Rosie's feed, too hard to hear her cry tonight, I'm pretty wiped.


ps - ok, she's asleep :)

Monday, December 10, 2007

Pink Fish and then Some

Today isn't the day Rosie was born, or the day we moved to Waterloo, or even the day I found out I was pregnant again. If I was asked to give today a title, it would most certainly involve the word Poop. I'm in the midst of trying to toilet train William which means poor Rosie - only one month old - lies patiently on our couch while I dab (or should I say soak) up puddles of pee and clean smearings of, yep, you guessed it, off the floor. At one point today if I was picking shards of broken glass off the floor in the kitchen after William dropped a cup from the countertop, only to have him pee in the middle of the mess, right down into his crocks which we wore to keep himself from stepping on glass. This was all while I was trying to wash dishes, prepare lunch and have William fed before Rosie woke up for her 1pm feeding. Just as the mess was cleaned, Scott's yummy sausages in apples and onions was heated up and William and I sat down, she started crying 20 minutes early and ironically, if there is some correlation, William began to pee again in his chair. I can't forget to tell Scott that his leftovers - my new favourite dish - tasted just as delicious as I rapidly stuffed it into my mouth.
We did manage to get pee and poo to end up in the potty - hooray William - usually while reading Christmas books or watching 'just a little bit' (as William loves to say) of a Bob the Builder DVD, all the while Rosie slept soundly upstairs. Just as the day was coming to an end for us and Scott was about to come home, Rosie and I were playing on a blanket in the living room, and William - so I thought - was trying to pee once again in the bathroom, he ran to me screaming because he manged to stick a clump of Silly Putty in his newly cut hair. Its hard to get out! I tugged, he screamed, the car pulled up, he declared he wanted more TV, I said NO, he began wailing, Scott walked in, I took Rosie over to say hi who immediately began to cry as Scott said hello. Somehow we still managed a great dinner and a longer than usual time between bedtime and Rosie's final feed at 10pm - which is now! A crazy day but one that somehow kept me smiling!