Tuesday, December 11, 2007

very sleepy

Today was another great day. Heather and her daughter Jamie came over and we all hiked - us with our new stroller - over to Bertie's place at the library. William took awhile to get into the game, he preferred to sit on a bench with Heather and I while I nursed Rosie. Then he got up and raced over to a round soft pit and dove right in, proper belly flop style. He was frustrated that his boots were too big for it so back over he came so we could take them off. Back he ran for another dive. While in the pit however another tyke came over and gave him a good bop on the head for no particular reason. I find it so hard to know how to deal with this situation. My momma-bear instinct is so strong that I just want to pounce, however of course that's not an option, and you can't get too angry, or angry at all, with the child without knowing the mother. So a kind reminding of 'gentle' to the instigator and a undramatic reassurance to your own is about all you can do. William didn't cry, he just gave me a 'what's happening Mommy!' look.

Rosie's schedule is off tonight as she visited late with Oma - newly home from Holland - and Gramps and Uncle Neil. So instead of being asleep by 8, its now after 9 and she's upstairs wailing away. Its soooooooo hard, it sucks! But I know its worth it, at least I hope it is.

As for potty training, William is still quite determined to do it. He's so cute, and actually ran to the potty today after he'd started a poo, very good boy!

I think I'll go now, and up Rosie's feed, too hard to hear her cry tonight, I'm pretty wiped.


ps - ok, she's asleep :)

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