Wednesday, January 2, 2008

In the meantime................

So much has happened during our week and a half of Christmas bliss. First stop was Aunt Bonnie and Paul's where William expressed great distress over lovely Bandit the cat and the strays in the yard. Then off to Whitby where Aunt Paula met Rosie for the first time, back home again for Christmas Eve and our first ever Christmas day at home all by ourselves, and on to London where William charmed more family.

The easiest way to jot down some of the funniest William moments is to just jump in, so here goes:

1. On Christmas Eve, he got a little nervous when he realized that maybe Santa would want to come upstairs and visit. So I suggested we close the baby gate at the top of the stairs. He liked that idea and insisted that he close the gate so that when Santa starts to come up the stairs he will see the gate and know to stay downstairs -- but Rudolph can come up!

2. After dinner one night, Scott was upstairs with Rosie while I was doing the dishes. William was sitting on the naughty step for something not too significant, more for a quiet time out. He cames into the kitchen, looks up at me and says "In the meantime, a boy got off the step. In the meantime, I got off the step." How do I not burst out laughing at that!!!

3. While trying to pull up his big boy underwear, he exclaimed "I need a new penis!!" When we asked (straightfaced??) why, he said because it, it was because he couldn't get it comfortable in his underwear. :)

4. And today, after not seeing Heather and Jamie for a week, we were impressed by how much more Jamie was talking. William especially enjoyed her pointing out the candy canes on our tree - "Heather, what's a tandy tane!?! Hahahaha!"

There were more of course, liked missing Bob the neighbour, and exclaiming "OH I LOVE IT!" when he opened a present before throwing it behind his shoulder and grabbing up a new present to open. It is so difficult not to burst out laughing at these moments but the last thing I want is to discourage him in any way, he says these things so sincerely.

But Christmas was amazing, so relaxing - no rented Crown Vics doing 360s 0n the highway Christmas morning, no busted cars windows, no one was too sick (Rosie's been battling a bit of a cold) and her smiles are just incredible!! She's really cooing now too - loves her PEEPO book that Santa brought her. But her sun hanging toy for above her bouncy chair is by fair still her favourite. Its the thing that made her smile for the first time and she still loves to sit in her chair and talk away to it.

All in all it was an amazing holiday - hard to see Scott off to work this morning.

New Years was spent here, with Bananagrams, M&M snackies, Top Gear and a little champagne. Resolution - no more processed food - and with my new Jamie Oliver cookbook, that shouldn't be a problem - yummy!!

ps - i love my new diaper bag!!! hooray for Santa!!


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