Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Family Fun Days

As yesterday was the first ever Family Day in Ontario, we thought we'd celebrate it in the only way that this family can - by acting pretty crazy! As seen in the clips above, we had food on the run (well, granola at the top of the stairs) and we re-enacted some of our favourite, most poignant Doctor Who moments. Very dramatic as you can tell. :) The highlight of the evening (as if this wasn't enough) came after the babies went to bed and Scott and I watched the Top Gear Polar Special where the crew race to the North Pole: a dog sled versus a Toyota pick-up truck. Quite good stuff that kept us up too late.

William was up almost 40 minutes past bedtime tonight asking questions like 'why do we live on the roof' (we have no idea what that was about!) 'why are you two not in bed?', and telling us 'I'm sick and so I need orange juice because orange juice gets rid of the boogers' and believe it or not, the whole time that he's screaming Rosie is next door and never makes a sound.

Who needs a provincial holiday when you've got William?

And by the way, if anyway is starting to wonder why William never seems to be wearing pants, its because we are 95% of the way there to having him potty-trained (so close!!) and its just easier that way. That or he just really like going around pant-less right now and we are simply picking our battles :)

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