Monday, February 4, 2008

long time....

So its been awhile since I've written and a lot has happened. Since Christmas we have watched Rosie change from a newborn infant into a baby, complete with big smiles, gurgles and even giggles. She is an absolute delight, very very happy little girl and can I admit, sleeping through the night. William continues to have accidents on the potty-training front, but I stress out less about it now, he's bound to get it eventually, I mean his Daddy finally did, right? :)

And as for other blessings, our dear friends Heather and Josh have birth to lovely Justin only yesterday and tonight we got to met and cuddle with him. When I took Rosie into my arms after about a half our of holding Justin, she felt so huge! She a big girl now, I can hardly remember her as a newborn. I know that with William I was always looking forward to the next stage, the next milestone, this time I'm much more content with the present, I don't want it to go too fast this time but sigh, I know it will. Oooh, but its just all so good ;)


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