Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Winter Days

Our days have been spent mostly inside lately, so we were raring to go on a road trip last weekend to visit a woman who was selling loads of baby clothes and equipment. Rosie loves to stand, she isn't huge on cuddles and we knew she was ready for some sort of exersaucer to get her up and looking around on her own. The woman we found was great, she has four kids and sold us (for next to nothing) the exersaucer you see Rosie in in the picture (she loves it!), cloth diapers and wraps (yes, I am doing cloth this time round, dead simple and we save money!) and loads of gorgeous clothes that will last until this time next year! A very worthwhile trip that I drove while Scott fed me Tim Horton biscuits. Need I mention that we had to drive through Williamsburg and Roseville to get there, I kid you not.

Jamie (William's girlfriend) came over Monday while one-month old brother Justin went with his Mommy to the midwife. You can see how she and William enjoy spending their winter days. Everybody's happy :)

And the oranges? Just how William likes to eat them.

More snow tonight for us, between 20-25 cm in the next 24 hours. Scott's really hoping for a snow day tomorrow so he can stay home and after how busy he's been lately, so am I:)



Anonymous said...

Williamsburg and Roseville? That is just too funny! I'm glad you found Rosie something so she can us those strong legs of hers. I can imagine the fun she is having with it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah,

It's hard to believe how big Rosie is already!! (Honestly, if you didn't include pictures I don't think I would have believed that she can already stand in an exersaucer.) It sounds like you guys are having a lot of fun, and I look forward to seeing you soon!