Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Feeling Better Now

OK, so I really love these pictures, just had to show off Rosie's scarf thanks to Heather and brand new jeans (!!!) from Uncle Chad and Aunt Sue and William's new tshirt (fun things from England:) These pictures also show how healthy and somewhat resilient our children are who miraculously did not pick up whatever bug Scott and I had all weekend. Whatever bug that made Scott um, toss his cookies, for the first time EVER since I've known him. Not good stuff!! Oh well, things are looking up :)


1 comment:

Heather and Josh said...

OK, NOW I remember that scarf. It never fit Jamie, wrong timing or something...
Adorable kiddies.
And you are showing off ;) Where's the shot of William with his runny nose? Hmmm?