Thursday, May 22, 2008

Science becomes Art?

Ok, so today at breakfast William wanted two yogurts - the mango AND the raspberry. So as Daddy was cleaning up his smoothies that had been knocked over (big mess!) William (unseen to all) decided to dump one yogurt cup ontop of the other. The pictures speak for themselves.

And did he eat them? Well, after dumping them into a bowl with granola, he ate about......two bites. Nice. :)


Bathing Buddies!

Now that Rosie can sit up and play, bath time has become much more fun! Despite the many duckies and the infamous armless crocodile that William has offered her, Rosie's bath toy of choice remains the orange wine glass - well done Sweetie!


Our Garden in Progress

Not sure if its going to work, but so far so good. William and I have spent all of Rosie's sleeping time planting and watering in our backyard. Most plants have been started from seed, but the better looking ones are small plants we bought on Mother's Day (mostly tomatoes and Scott's peppers). Whatever the outcome, we're just having fun. But it would be so great to have a little veggie patch this summer for Rosie! (and yes, if anyone has a really good and guessed, those are 3 big lilac bushes blooming away in the background beside the shed!!)

One week after Mother's Day, I got another treat, a beautiful new chair for our garden! Things are starting to looks so great. Too bad this week is so cold! Not much cuddling being done outside right now!


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Real Deal

So when the real Mother's Day came around it couldn't have been better! My three sweeties first surprised me with a William Baffin Rose bush. which I named Esther as I do expect she will be will us for a long time. So we spent most of the day gardening (in the rain :) and christening the new bbq our landlords set up the day before. Hot dogs for lunch, Chinese food for dinner, and I think even an episode of Top Gear that night - can't get any better than that. Thank you my guys for a good good day :) Love you!


Six Months!

Here she is! The big six month old girl!! How did it happen so quickly! Rosie loves her Jolly Jumper, her carrots, sweet potato, banana, cereal, still her bottle....actually she seems to love eating all the time!

She especially loves being able to sit up now and play with her big brother.

Because really, what could be better than that!

Yeah Rosie-Bear, we love you!! (and we love that you sleep 7-7 now, hooray!!)


Monday, May 5, 2008

Early Mothe'rs Day

So this weekend we went to visit Oma and Gramps to get a head-start on all Mother's Day celebrations. The weather was great, kids were smiley and as always, the food was great! I think with grins and cuddles like those you can see above, anyone would admit the holiday couldn't be better.