Thursday, June 19, 2008

Conversation in the Shower

This morning, while in the shower the curtain was ripped to one side and there stood William, pj-clad, holding up one slippered foot. The conversation went like this:

W - Mommy, my foot is shaking. (He looked quite upset about this) See? (shook foot around)

me - Really? Like Mommy's hands.

W - Yes. It does that sometimes. (still looked quite sad and me trying hard not to smile)

me - That's ok.

W - Mmmm. (looking around shower and spotting toys) Do you want a boat or something?

me - Alright.

He went on to dumps boats and one red plastic teacup at my feet.

W - There, you can have a cup of tea. (said in his pseudo-Charlie & Lola accent)

And then he took off.

Very funny :)


ps - Rosie is almost crawling!!

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