Monday, June 9, 2008

William turns 3!!!!!

William woke up at Nana's the morning of his 3rd birthday. He had to wake up to balloons (his request!) just like he did the year before. As Mommy and Daddy dropped them on top of sleeping William, he woke up and smiled saying the exact same thing as last year, 'Balloons, Balloons!'in a rather creaky, sleep voice. It was a glad reminder that 3's not so big after all :)

It was a beautiful day on May 29th, and William spent time outside playing with Daddy and Mommy and his new bubbles!

He had something else that day that he didn't have last year, his little sister. :)

Thanks to everybody for the visit and presents. They all help William keep busy right now while Mommy is hobbling around (but that's another story soon to come :)


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Heather and Josh said...

Love the chubby cheeks pic.