Thursday, July 17, 2008

This Summer's Blockbuster Superhero

Just when you thought you knew them all, Iron Man, the Hulk, Hancock, Wall-E, there's one more. He's not big, he doesn't eat asparagus, he likes Sharon, Lois and Bram, but he does make the ladies scream . At least, he gets his baby sister squealing and crawling at top speed down the hallway. And the goggles? You'll have to wait and see. No need to keep one eye open tonight, he's got your back.



Deck Boy!!!!! (coming to a backyard & bbq near you!!!)


Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hazy, Lazy Days

Today we decided to go hang out at the beach! We loaded up the car, the kids and the sunscreen. Our exact destination was Bellwood Lake, in Fergus, not quite an hour drive away. We did have one false alarm, as we entered Fergus, William said 'Mommy, I have to poop!' So we went in hot pursuit for a toilet which, under such extreme circumstances, is one car challenge that even Jeremy Clarkson would find stressful. But we found a mall, which gave us a good idea for ice cream on the way home. Mommy took William in and once on the potty he said that it just wouldn't come. So off we went again, in search of sun and surf, sort of :) The pictures say it all, we had a really great day!



This weekend William got a new car seat and Rosie got a box! She also upgraded from her own bucket baby seat to William's old one. But from the look of things, I think she appreciated the box a little more :)


Reading Rainbow

Rosie is getting closer to the moment we so look forward too. That being, the time when she can and will sit and look at a book. Hopefully, fingers crossed, this is a small indication that she too will become a book-lover! What else could a smile like that be telling us? Perhaps it goes back once again to the wine cup she loves playing with so much :)

Swinging High

Mommy's cast is off! And to celebrate, she took William and Rosie for a picnic in the park. William took his toy cars to play with in the wood chips while Mommy fed Rosie her lunch. There was food, there were slides, there were climbing bars, but the best part of all was the swings! I am sure we would all agree on this, if only Rosie could talk :)


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Our Girl

I love this picture. It was also last night at the library but I wanted to set it out on its own. Just before bedtime, a summer night, in her jammies. Life is good


Bubble Trouble

Last night at the library (just a walk away for us), they had a bubble night! We got to listen to bubble stories, sing bubble songs and of course, blow bubbles! The hit of the night for our kids was the bubble machine, actually Sarah wants one now too :) The night ended - not early - with ice cream and local cherries for William and lots of toothaches for Rosie, poor girl! At least she had a fun night out before the misery began.


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Summer Days

Newest past times around here include showing off Rosie's new swimming nappies from Uncle Chad (so cute!), William trying very hard (and most often succeeding) in finding Waldo, and very quickly learning to stand.


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

More for me...

This is just a fun thing for me to remember and it just happened. Rosie threw her Bunny out
of bed (over the crib rail) for the first time. She was standing up in bed wailing away, either because of the pain her new teeth are giving her, or simply because she wanted Bunny back :)

And last night Scott and I got to go out and celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary. We had dinner at Hannah's Bistro, uptown Waterloo and then desserts at William's. Felt really good to have a conversation over dinner, eye to eye, and not while doing dishes, or cleaning up toys and laundry :)

Happy Day Scott, thanks you :) xoxo


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Canada Day!

We went to the Canada Day festivities at Columbia Lake today. We were in good spirits despite being up most of the night because Rosie has now learned the art of waking and sitting up. Needing to show off her new talent, she wails away until she gets a visitor. Once she even managed to be standing when Sarah went in. Fancy girl that Rose :)

But back to today's celebrations! Come for the dancing, stay for the inflatable slides! (Scott wants credit for this line, haven't decided yet whether he gets it :)