Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hazy, Lazy Days

Today we decided to go hang out at the beach! We loaded up the car, the kids and the sunscreen. Our exact destination was Bellwood Lake, in Fergus, not quite an hour drive away. We did have one false alarm, as we entered Fergus, William said 'Mommy, I have to poop!' So we went in hot pursuit for a toilet which, under such extreme circumstances, is one car challenge that even Jeremy Clarkson would find stressful. But we found a mall, which gave us a good idea for ice cream on the way home. Mommy took William in and once on the potty he said that it just wouldn't come. So off we went again, in search of sun and surf, sort of :) The pictures say it all, we had a really great day!


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Becky said...

William looks so grown up in the picture with him and Sarah! I love that picture. You can tell how happy you two are to be outside enjoying the beautiful summer weather.