Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Trip Back

Today we went to Doon Heritage Crossroads outside of Kitchener. Inside of each house (we may just put an offer in on the one in the lower right hand corner in the pictures of the last blog post, I fell in love with it and its garden:) William would say 'let's keep moving', until we got to the blacksmith's and watched how they made horseshoes. We know that it was only the fire that kept William in his trance (see middle picture) but we'd like to think he was taking it all in and learning some history. Rosie just loved the pigs.

It was a perfect summer's day here and we ate yummy veggie cheese bread we bought at the St Jacob's bakery, with cheese for lunch. William loved the mini tractor pencil sharpener we bought in the gift shop.

Only day two of three and its not even dinner yet :)


Sorry pictures are mixed up a bit, its a little hectic right now :)

Long weekend

For our long weekend we just wanted to have some good ol' fashioned fun. And what better way to start than with a trip to our favourite market Herles for some peaches, corn and fresh apples. At Herles we are used to the train play structure, a slide and the climbing wall, but what a surprise to find a genuine corn maze! William loved it! Rosie, not the maze so much, just the corn.

And the best part, this was only the first day of the long weekend :)


Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I have to admit that my kids adore each other. William is so gentle with Rosie and she beams every time he's near. They're newest past time is playing together in the crib. William lets Rosie pin him down and goober on him, all the while pulling his curls. He told me the other day, after one of their latest cage-matches, that he was going to love Rosie even more when he was bigger and was going to marry her one day, just like Mommy and Daddy. :)


Sir Mix-A-Lot (groan )

One morning, while I was desperately trying to get dishes done and the kitchen tidied before friends came over, William decided he wanted to mix colours. So I came up with this, dish soap bubbles and food colouring. I only stained my shirt and William's hands were beet-red for a couple of days, not TOO bad :)


big girl!

I love this picture of Rosie so much that I thought it would be perfect to post it a week before she leaves the single digits and turns 10 months. I think what I love most about this picture is secretly knowing that although she looks so lovely and girly, she is memorized by the baseball Boppa is watching :)


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Free Falling

Rosie has her own tricks these days, namely, she's taken to standing on her own. We haven't been able to capture it on film yet but she did it all throughout the day, just when you're not expecting it. For instance, Mommy was reading a book to William on the couch and Rosie was taking her usual stance in front of us, holding onto the couch. Without warning - and very possibly to get our attention - her arms flew up into the air and she stood there for a good count of 5 before falling onto her big nappied bum! Oh course our squeals of delight and clapping encouraged her to do it again and again. Her first experience with it was this morning in front of Mommy and Daddy, after crawling up to William's potty (clean potty :) and pulling herself up, only to let go and stand tall. Boy was she proud! Keep looking here for some hard evidence!!


Lost in Translation

William has had some very funny moments this week. It may have all began when he found a recipe for Mud Pies from a cookbook given to him by Aunt Paula. The evidence of these pies can be seen on the spatula above. That was Sunday and we're still eating them.

Today, during breakfast, William was listening to CBC radio and heard that there was a 'risk of thunderstorms'. Later when Mommy told him it was time to go for a walk he replied, "No Mommy, the radio said 'thunderstorms and biscuits'. Good translation. :)

Tonight at bedtime he thought it would be fun to try on Daddy's glasses. He put them on, looking strange but adorable and then handed them back. Next he took Mommmy's, put them on (again, looking strange but adorable) and asked, "How come these ones work?" Mommy and Daddy of course cracked up :)

The best thing about today was that this morning William had told both Mommy and Daddy that, "Today is going to be a naughty day, I'm going to be a naughty boy today" and you know what? He wasn't, not at all :)


Hidden Talents

Look at this Santa! I am so proud of my husband! Of course he says that it's following instructions, and that anybody could do it. But I don't think so!! He's doing great and I want him to know just how proud I am. I knew he had talent before but this carving really blew me away :)
In fact, should I leave him a hint here about his surprise? Nope!


Thursday, August 7, 2008

It's been awhile...

So it's been awhile since we've had a post and I'm very happy to say as I'm writing this one we are listening to the Doctor Who Proms! Very amazing music!
So a lot has happened in the last few weeks. We've picked blueberries and had picnics in London, we've grown big red tomatoes in our backyard (despite the skunk family that lives under our deck!!), we've been introduced to the Superstore by Nana and Boppa, we've driven in horrible thunder storms (I did the driving) just to get half-priced green Crocs for William, Scott's been carving every night and I've been trying to write to get ready for my class this fall. What else? Rosie crawls, stands and is beginning to walk along while holding on to anything! She turned 9 months yesterday, so fast! She makes loud spit-bubbles and then laughs, she squeals and loves stuffed animals, especially dogs. She plays peek-a-boo with her blanket every time you lie her down. She distinctly pulls her quilt over her head and when you say 'Where's Rosie?' she whips it down and laughs!! As for William, he remains obsessed with his Cars and knows every inch of our garden. He now eats our cherry tomatoes as he once did strawberries (and chives aren't half bad either). He loves the Where's Waldo books and spends as much time reading on the potty as he possibly can (thanks for that lesson Daddy!!) And for the first time today, William rode his tricycle the entire way to the library and back (must get a picture of that soon, his helmet is covered with butterflies, he wears rain boots while riding and has a dumper on the back that he puts his books into -- priceless!!!)

All in all, a good summer so far!