Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Free Falling

Rosie has her own tricks these days, namely, she's taken to standing on her own. We haven't been able to capture it on film yet but she did it all throughout the day, just when you're not expecting it. For instance, Mommy was reading a book to William on the couch and Rosie was taking her usual stance in front of us, holding onto the couch. Without warning - and very possibly to get our attention - her arms flew up into the air and she stood there for a good count of 5 before falling onto her big nappied bum! Oh course our squeals of delight and clapping encouraged her to do it again and again. Her first experience with it was this morning in front of Mommy and Daddy, after crawling up to William's potty (clean potty :) and pulling herself up, only to let go and stand tall. Boy was she proud! Keep looking here for some hard evidence!!


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Becky said...

I was just asking Neil earlier this week if he knew if Rose was standing yet (or walking), since I hadn't talked to you guys in a while. But I'll see you all soon enough!