Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Lost in Translation

William has had some very funny moments this week. It may have all began when he found a recipe for Mud Pies from a cookbook given to him by Aunt Paula. The evidence of these pies can be seen on the spatula above. That was Sunday and we're still eating them.

Today, during breakfast, William was listening to CBC radio and heard that there was a 'risk of thunderstorms'. Later when Mommy told him it was time to go for a walk he replied, "No Mommy, the radio said 'thunderstorms and biscuits'. Good translation. :)

Tonight at bedtime he thought it would be fun to try on Daddy's glasses. He put them on, looking strange but adorable and then handed them back. Next he took Mommmy's, put them on (again, looking strange but adorable) and asked, "How come these ones work?" Mommy and Daddy of course cracked up :)

The best thing about today was that this morning William had told both Mommy and Daddy that, "Today is going to be a naughty day, I'm going to be a naughty boy today" and you know what? He wasn't, not at all :)



Heather and Josh said...

Poor William. Even the best-laid plans...

Becky said...

Well said Heather! I'm guessing that Sarah and Scott are happy about those plans failing though :)