Thursday, September 25, 2008

Days of Autumn: 3

This is a picture of William eating our last tomato from this year's crop, if you will :)
Our best garden yet! Just have to figure out what to do with all of Scott's hot peppers.

I'm giddy, I'm sick, and made it through the day with Tylenol AM and Ice Cappuccinos, not bad stuff. And tonight is the premiere of Grey's Anatomy, yah :)

Tonight, while putting William to bed he picked up his (my) pocket-size collection of Emily Dickinson, he's always loved it for some reason. He started to read to me what Emily thought was going to happen on Grey's tonight (apparently something on a hill, he said. Derek's land perhaps? mmm :) And the book also stated how fast and red Lightening McQueen is. I have to say, I never knew the old girl was quite so prophetic.

(Note: Please no judgements on William's hotdog/cracker dinner, it was a long day :)


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