Sunday, September 7, 2008

Double Digits Baby!!

This weekend our Rose turned 10 months and it is obvious that there is to be no more fooling around! She is definitely beginning to know what she wants and when she wants it (NOW!) and if things are not going her way, watch out for her scowl!! Walking seems to be the most important thing on her itinerary. Today she took two steps all by herself! Other things Rosie loves are fruits and lots of yoghurt, to have very particular books read to her (so much so that if you put one of her favourites down and begin to read a new one, she will use your hand to stand up and stumble over to get it back!). She is always trying to climb into the bath, she still loves to crawl all over her brother, and is constantly putting everything into her mouth. Today at the store, there was absolutely nothing more wonderful in the world than an Upsy Daisy doll from the UK's 'In the Night Garden',

Anyhow, this is a video from sometime this past week, before Rosie had left the carefree time of innocence and single-digits!



Heather and Josh said...

So, did you buy her the dolly, or put up with the scowls and howls?
Nice family picture on the sidebar, by the way!

Sarah said...

Nope, we held out and were strong. Maybe for her birthday :)