Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Days of Autumn: 17

Autumn?? If you say so. But this is what we woke up to this morning.

William thought the snow was pretty amazing and couldn't wait to go out and play. He loved standing at the window naming everything that was covered in snow, including his water-boat-sandbox!!!

Meanwhile, his little sister, she was just happy to stay inside, be warm and have a cuddle with Bunny.

Oh, I can't believe she's almost one! And that bunny that she won't sleep without was the same bunny I never slept without for probably well over ten years. William never went for it, he loves his Bingo, but Rosie sure loves her Bunny. They do look cozy together, don't they? :)


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Days of Autumn: 16

This will probably be our last family trip to Herles for the season. It won't reopen until July and we'll be there with our baskets ready for strawberry picking!
But until then, we'll miss the corn maze, the raspberry & white chocolate scones, jumping from the hay bales, so many pumpkins, and the fresh peach frozen yogurt that became a real favourite with Rosie.
maybe Mommy and the kids could get there one more time before it's Halloween closing day since on Monday morning, Mommy got her license!! :)


Days of Autumn: 15

On Friday we had a really great visit with Oma and Gramps. William was a little extra cuddly due to feeling under the weather. But I doubt anyone minded the snuggles. We enjoyed a fall day full of yummy cranberry nut loaf and many, many stories were read.


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Days of Autumn: 14

So in the past week, I may have mentioned how amazing it's been to see William really take off with his colouring, drawing and even some letters. You know things are changing around our home when the big mess at the end of the day is all over the dining table instead of the floor.
He has also been very interested in the voting process, and just what it is. In short, he wanted to vote. So it was perfect timing that they just so happened to need a new Mayor in Radiator Springs where the Cars live.
We had a great time today choosing four Cars to run for the position. We made ballots, choosing a colour to represent each character.
William loved driving each car (all 23 of them!!) up to the ballot box and marking off the X for their choice...
and placing the folded ballot into the box.
Of course before the voting there was a small campaign, where William told me one promise each character would make to keep their town happy.
At last, just before Rosie woke up from her nap, we tallied votes and discovered Mater was the new Mayor. Now to be honest, the entire election did have a Florida feel to it when at the last deciding moment, William changed one vote because...I'm not sure of his reasoning....but at least it proved he really understands the in's and out's (highs and lows) of the voting system :)
Then we just tucked into some good old colouring. Yesterday's library class was about Hats and William was giving a colouring books of many different kinds. All in all, a good day.
And William isn't the only one with some new tricks by the way!
Look at her! Enough said, I'm NOT a terrible mother, I was right there the whole time watching her. :)


Days of Autumn: 13

This Thanksgiving was spent resting, trying to get better, and teaching William that he could be thankful for more things than just his cars. I think we made some progress with that one.

Things that I am thankful for right now.
Rosie is starting to give hugs and really cuddle into my shoulder.
William is beginning to draw and write his letters.
Scott lets me have naps when I'm sick (even when he should be at work once in awhile :)
I am finally starting to learn some tricks to make our house look cozy.
I am reading one amazing book after another right now!
My writing class is going alright, at least it's getting me going (at least when I'm not sick at night)
William has eaten almost every meal we have served him for the past 3 days.
Both kids are having a blast at their library classes.
I still remain the owner of the most comfortable bed ever!!
Learning how to live more with less stuff!
The Indian Naan bread pizza Scott brought home tonight, yummy!
And of course for our family and friends, the best kids and husband a gal could have :)
(I mean just look at how cute they are :)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Days of Autumn: 12

OK so we've been sick and I haven't been able to post in a bit, but we're back on track now - sort of - and the other day I took the kids to the park. I love love this picture of Rosie.

But the thing that made this trip more interesting than usual is that I let William run wild with the camera to see what he'd come up with. Well, 500 pictures later (no exaggeration) these are my favourites.


Monday, October 6, 2008

Days of Autumn: 11

Happy 11 months today Rosie!!

Rosie is getting so close to a year old she can taste it! Playing kitchen, using her hammer to fix faulty pipes (plumber's butt often included!), walking everywhere, squealing when we chase her, loving flying high on the swings, still hating hats, loving food as long as she can put it in her own mouth thank you very much, and making mad dashes for her books. She is getting to be such a big girl and is so so happy!

But not too old to take a quick rest and a cuddle in Mommy's lap.

While big brother is happy because it is still warm enough to play outside.

With lots of time to stay inside and draw, he's getting so good at it!

All topped off by an apple picking weekend on a lovely Mennonite farm not ten minutes away.

Loving fall, loving them.


Friday, October 3, 2008

Days of Autumn: 10

We went for a hike this morning and it was so cold!!! William grabbed a pair of socks that were in the stroller and used them as mittens. He was glad to get to wear his orange vest again that we decorated as a jack-0-lantern last Halloween. He also loved the brownies we made and the smarties he used to decorate them with. It was a good day.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Days of Autumn: 9

Today was the funniest day. All day long, the weather went from hard rain to bright sunshine - never able to make up its mind. We did, we decided (after a quick game of soccer in the green space around the corner) to tuck in and just relax. William played games and cars in Mommy and Daddy's room while Rosie chose to be really cosy and read in her room by the light of her pink elephant lamp. And Mommy? Laundry.


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Days of Autumn: 8

Interesting fact. Simon Pegg is the godfather of Gywneth's daughter Apple. Makes you think
Run Fat boy Run!

(don't ask)