Monday, October 6, 2008

Days of Autumn: 11

Happy 11 months today Rosie!!

Rosie is getting so close to a year old she can taste it! Playing kitchen, using her hammer to fix faulty pipes (plumber's butt often included!), walking everywhere, squealing when we chase her, loving flying high on the swings, still hating hats, loving food as long as she can put it in her own mouth thank you very much, and making mad dashes for her books. She is getting to be such a big girl and is so so happy!

But not too old to take a quick rest and a cuddle in Mommy's lap.

While big brother is happy because it is still warm enough to play outside.

With lots of time to stay inside and draw, he's getting so good at it!

All topped off by an apple picking weekend on a lovely Mennonite farm not ten minutes away.

Loving fall, loving them.


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