Thursday, October 16, 2008

Days of Autumn: 13

This Thanksgiving was spent resting, trying to get better, and teaching William that he could be thankful for more things than just his cars. I think we made some progress with that one.

Things that I am thankful for right now.
Rosie is starting to give hugs and really cuddle into my shoulder.
William is beginning to draw and write his letters.
Scott lets me have naps when I'm sick (even when he should be at work once in awhile :)
I am finally starting to learn some tricks to make our house look cozy.
I am reading one amazing book after another right now!
My writing class is going alright, at least it's getting me going (at least when I'm not sick at night)
William has eaten almost every meal we have served him for the past 3 days.
Both kids are having a blast at their library classes.
I still remain the owner of the most comfortable bed ever!!
Learning how to live more with less stuff!
The Indian Naan bread pizza Scott brought home tonight, yummy!
And of course for our family and friends, the best kids and husband a gal could have :)
(I mean just look at how cute they are :)

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