Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Days of Autumn: 18

This is Halloween! This year's festivities began with a trip to Daddy's work, followed by lunch at Harvey's :)

When Daddy came home early, it was time for the annual fantastic pumpkin carving to begin! One pumpkin for William (uh, I mean Bob the Builder) and one for Daddy.

Rosie was admired at Daddy's work by many of the engineers on their way to labs.

And nowadays, Halloween just wouldn't be Halloween without ending up cozy on the couch of our good friends, Heather and Josh after collecting a great loot in their neighbourhood. The only thing different this year was we were minus two waddling mommies and plus two more adorable babies! Smile!

This is Halloween!



Heather and Josh said...

You should include a picture of Scott's finished pumpkin- we're still getting comments on it from the neighbours!!

Becky said...

The costumes look wonderful!