Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Days of Autumn: 19

Let the festivities begin!

This weekend our beloved Aunt Bonnie came for a visit! This means; colouring Cars pictures with William, stories, cuddles, laughing, coffee (lots!), exchanging books, too many treats, a trip to the library, another to a bakery, watching the Sex in the City movie but not eating the Doritos because we were so full, eating Indian take-away (that's why we were so full!), and most importantly Rosie's first ever birthday present!!! An In The Night Garden Toy for sorting shapes, a gorgeous sweater and matching hat, and more clothes :) It was a perfect, cozy weekend and she really didn't stop playing with the kids for a second. Thank you Aunt Bonnie, we love you!


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Anonymous said...

That Aunt Bonnie is amazing! ;)