Thursday, November 6, 2008

I'm One!!

Hooray! Happy 1st Birthday Rosie-Bear!!

Look at her! She's One, she's happy! She's our baby and how did she get so big so fast!

The festivities began the day before when William so diligently prepared a card for his baby sister's first birthday. A trip to the Dollar Store yesterday afternoon for gift bags involved much singing of Happy Birthday to Rosie by William up and down the aisles!

We had the nicest possible day today. For starters, the weather reached twenty degrees and we spent most of it outside in the sunshine!

The day began with William waking Rosie up in bed with balloons and singing Happy Birthday. This was followed by presents and pancakes. The highlight of the morning was Rosie's new doll, Upsy Daisy, given to her by William.

And William, even though he distinctly told us he didn't want a present, only Rosie gets presents on her birthday, was over the moon with his new Charlie and Lola storybook.

With a still-sick Daddy in tow, we got into the car and after dropping him at work, made our way to Heather's house (of course :) for a sunshiny morning of yummy carrot cupcakes and playing outside! Thanks Heather!

There's nothing better than having your birthday with a good friend!

By dinner we were ready to eat, and eat we did. More cupcakes made by Mommy and Daddy. Mmm vanilla!

The night ended with a warm bath for just Mommy and Rosie, just like a year ago. And then storytime with the boys.

And one last cuddle with Mommy.

I hope you had a wonderful day Baby, we love you :) Happy Birthday! xoxo



Becky said...

She seems to love those cupcakes! Look at that smile :)

Anonymous said...

what a perfect day!