Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hooray You!

Some good news for you and for us. Hopefully that worrying can now be replaced with something more fun, like this :)


Tuesday, January 20, 2009


So here William looks so sweet and loving, while kissing Rosie. And he is...most of the time :)
But today, perhaps he was tired, perhaps he had a case of inaugural nerves, or perhaps it is simply just too much dinosaurs!! Whatever is was, William has taken to growling at me when I say something he doesn't like.

Me - Eat more dinner William.
William - grrr........
Me - Time for your pajama's William.
William - grrr..........

And so on. It happened many more times throughout the day. I was so used to it by the end of the day that I wasn't sure why Scott looked so shocked when he heard his son growling at me throughout dinner. Maybe William was just sick of my dinosaur jokes that the new name for Brachiosaurus is BarackObamaosaurus. But I really can't say why that would irritate anyone?

Me - No really, that's the name of the dinosaur.
William - *sigh*. No it's not, he's the President of the United States.
Me - Really? A dinosaur.
William - Grrr.

(or something like that :)


Sunday, January 18, 2009


This weekend we we lucky to celebrate the wedding of my cousin Aaron and his new wife Amanda. It was a great night, sans-children, so a little free and and little relaxing despite the stressful snowy driving conditions on the way home. We were out until almost 1am, can you imagine! Shocking, I know!
Congratulations to my cousin, and it was great to spend time with family!

Us with Aunt Paula and Aunt Claire.

The happy couple!

That's Entertainment

During these cold snowy days, a family has to find it's tricks to find fun and warmth :) These are some pictures of what we've been up to (literally, Rosie is climbing on everything!!)
She also likes wetting her fingers in cold water and then sucking on them to relieve the pain of more teething. William just likes to jump in wherever mischief might pop up.


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Saturday mornings

This Saturday we decided to brave the frigid temperature and return to the Children's Museum, this time with loads of friends in tow. William had to say a final farewell to the dinosaurs exhibit, Rosie loved playing with the bubbles and me, well, I may have a found a new hobby!

Watch out Top Gear!



We were so excited to find out that there is a Nova Era bakery now in Kitchener. That's the great Portuguese bakery we practically lived at when we were in Toronto. Sadly, Rosie had never been to one, so as you can see, she wasn't too impressed. Wait until she gets her first custard tart! Mmmm.


The Tutu

For Christmas, Heather made Rosie a tutu. A beautiful tutu made with colourful gauze-like fabric, in purple, and green and rose. Rosie loves it. She does everything with in on, dances, looks at books, climbs onto her rocking horse, up on the furniture, laughs when Daddy puts it on his head (don't we all!) . It needs to be seen and expected that fun times are going to come from this.


And finally...

Christmas take 3!

And here we are in London, enjoying the company of Oma and Gramps, Neil and Becky. Time spent chasing the little ones, opening more presents, more dinosaurs, more good eats, and lots of playing cards. The highlight here was the lovely cradle Gramps made for Rosie's dolls which she immediately squealed at and climbed into, which provoked cuddling with Oma's quilt and sucking her fingers, a Rosie sure sign that sleep is near.

Thank you for a beautiful holiday everyone! Dinosaurs - grr!!


Saturday, January 10, 2009

Christmas take-2!

OK, better later than never. We'll get caught up eventually, I promise!

Christmas Day was mellow, relaxing, and dino-rific!! Yes indeedy, this was the Christmas of the dinosaur! Santa came through :) And there was even more to come.

We were just us 4 on that day, kids slept in (which drove Mommy crazy with waiting!), William choose to hide in the bathroom rather than see what Santa brought in order to avoid having his picture taken, and Rosie still really didn't get it. But everyone enjoyed sausage rolls, their Christmas pajamas, kinder eggs and believe it or not, it took us until noon to finish opening presents. William had to stop after each in order to assemble or play :)

Merry Christmas (belated of course) everyone!!


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas take one!

It's been such a long time since I've written here, but we've been busy! If we weren't sick, we were having fun, and the fun did win out in the end, thankfully. Our Christmas started a week early at Nana and Boppa's where the highlight was the incredible sweaters that Nana knit for the kids.

Our visit was cut short because of an impending snow storm but we had a wonderful day visiting, and eating, and loved that we got to continue it on New Year's Eve. Thank you Nana and Boppa for a great celebration!