Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Stranger Among Us


We have a new friend in our backyard. A few in fact. Some rabbits have chosen our backyard as their new home! Lucky us, as we spend our days lazing around (when weather permits) in the garden watching our new friend (Hoppy Campbell is his name) munch happily on our flowers. Better those than our vegetables - perhaps it's no coincidence that we live of MacGregor Cres. We all know what Mr McGregor did to poor Peter!!


Saturday, July 4, 2009

Berry Fun

Today we went strawberry picking for the first time this season. William enjoyed counting the berries as he diligently picked them, while no one had time to count Rosie's as she stuffed as many as she could pluck into her mouth. Together we enjoyed the first sunny day in quite a while.


Happy Canada Day

This Canada Day was a rainy one. In William's words, the weather just didn't know what it wanted to do. So we spent the morning doing something we'd wanted to do for a very long time. We (I should say Scott) took two big moving boxes and made them into a castle and a rocket ship! The kids love them, William even went on to cut strips of cardboard into sticks for a pretend fire he wanted to cook eggs on. We did end up leaving our new creations later in the day in search of strawberries and Chinese food. No fireworks for us this year, just two tired and happy kids in bed on time and a movie night for a happy Mommy and Daddy.