Monday, August 31, 2009


William (in bed, lights out): Daddy!

Daddy: Yes William, go to sleep.

William: Daddy... when, uh, when, uh... Daddy, how old are you?

Daddy: I'm thirty-four.

William: No, Mommy said you were thirty-three.

Daddy: Right.

William: Daddy, when I'm thirty-three...

Daddy: Yes?

William: When I'm thirty-three can I borrow your underwear?


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Breaking News!

According to Colonel "Coke" Kaiser, of the Haverhill U.K. Water Rocket Squadron, our Waterloo rocketry efforts have been recognized internationally! The following commendation arrived this morning via e-pigeon post. Click to enlarge.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

3, 2, 1...

The second flight test of Campbell Water Rocket Mk I took place today at approximately 2pm EST. Yesterday saw several test runs in the evening, which were highly exciting, but perhaps a bit scary to Rose. No-no!

Here you can see a typical flight. Up into the wind, twisting in the air, and dropping somewhere nearby. So long as "nearby" equals "on the roof", "in the neighbour's pool", "on the garage roof", "in the driveway", and so on.

Flight Lieutenant William was ever ready with the water. We christened the above bottle "Flaming Orange". It was selected for flight operations when the clear bottle without a label (or a name) proved difficult to see in the overcast skies. Until the tell-tale "bonk" signaled its return to earth.

The above video captures another typical flight pattern. Listen carefully for "Oh shoot" as the Flight Officer Sarah detected the bottle dropping into the flower bed. Flight Lieutenant William managed a safe retrieval.

Flight Captain "Daddy" Scott in a "rare" moment of glee before flight operations. This may have been the unexpected "oops" launch, although records from that period were mysteriously damp and illegible.

Apparently, the flight tests were disturbing the local wildlife. Or maybe the blueberry pancakes.

Later flights in the day were canceled due to high winds. Tomorrow we will be testing a new, experimental launch control device that we hope will be more reliable. Unfortunately Flight Captain Scott was drenched in a lights out late night test which just concluded. Unfortunately, "Flaming Orange" met its demise in the course of action.

Stay tuned for updates.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

More Fun

This is my last post on Toronto, I promise. But there were just a few too many cute pictures to pass up. This one above, shows the reason we went to the ROM - the dinos!

Sir William....

and Lady Rose.

I'm sure Rosie is thinking - "Come on, he's gotta know these aren't real fossils. Can't we go have another juice box or something."

The man you can see at the right side of this picture was an older volunteer at the ROM. He was telling William about mummies. A lot about mummies, as is obvious by William's reaction to the one standing in front of him. The car road home that night held some interesting conversations.

Finally, more juice!

Back at home, Banker Boy hit the books.

Another day, another sword fight.

Running free.

Twirly whirly. Summer days.


Monday, August 17, 2009

Our Time Away Take 2

So a few more pictures from our time in Toronto. I know, it's a lot of pictures for such a short trip but we really had a great time.

Of course William would only go on the Swans with Aunt Bonnie, the funniest person he claims to know!

Again, William is excited, a little awed but still so cool. It's funny that William spent half of his life in this city, riding subways and streetcars all the time. But now, not only does he of course not remember any of it, he finds them utterly fascinating!

During a swim back at the hotel, the kids - I mean, Scott - found a slide. It went up 3 stories and twisted outside of the hotel. It was pitch black inside and you could see nothing until hitting the water as you see here. How do I know, Scott and Bonnie made me do it too! But let the record show, I did it once, Scott did it many, many times. The best part was his laugh when he escaped the tube each time! We all loved watching and waiting for him to burst out.

The kids decided early on that after their long day, a soak in the hot tub would be much more enjoyable than a cold swim.

On the elevator ride up to our room on the nineteenth floor, we were too tired to even get dressed. Not much doubt that we'll all sleep well tonight (and they did! lights out by 9, snoring away in seconds, amazing!!)

The next morning while Mommy and Daddy slowly woke up, the kids took activities into their own hands. Rosie settles in with a hotel pad and pen and doodles away... (notice the crossed feet!)

...while William and the ever-loyal Bingo take in some cuddle time together while watching TV.


Saturday, August 15, 2009

Old Stomping Ground

Last week we loaded up our car and headed to our old home town - Toronto! Once there we checked into a hotel, met up with our ever-so-lovely Aunt Bonnie, and headed for the island! Over the next few days I'm going to put a bunch of pictures up from our getaway. We had a great time, with lots of water, juice boxes and spinning rides!

<>< On the ferry towards Centre Island. Rosie got to use one of her new words, Water and William was impressed by the boats and the buoys.

Thanks for such a great day Aunt Bonnie!!
William was a star on the spinning rides, he loved the Teacups and the Spinning Barrels. He kept yelling 'faster!'

The cars were cool, but not as cool as the driver. ;)

A cute moment between brother and sister. hopefully not checking some garbage they found at the bottom of the wading pool.

Rosie loves water, and she loved being able to use another new word, COLD!!

While in line, Rosie needed some Daddy time and perhaps some sleep.

More pictures coming!!