Saturday, August 15, 2009

Old Stomping Ground

Last week we loaded up our car and headed to our old home town - Toronto! Once there we checked into a hotel, met up with our ever-so-lovely Aunt Bonnie, and headed for the island! Over the next few days I'm going to put a bunch of pictures up from our getaway. We had a great time, with lots of water, juice boxes and spinning rides!

<>< On the ferry towards Centre Island. Rosie got to use one of her new words, Water and William was impressed by the boats and the buoys.

Thanks for such a great day Aunt Bonnie!!
William was a star on the spinning rides, he loved the Teacups and the Spinning Barrels. He kept yelling 'faster!'

The cars were cool, but not as cool as the driver. ;)

A cute moment between brother and sister. hopefully not checking some garbage they found at the bottom of the wading pool.

Rosie loves water, and she loved being able to use another new word, COLD!!

While in line, Rosie needed some Daddy time and perhaps some sleep.

More pictures coming!!

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Fiona said...

Hey Sarah,

Great pictures! I'm glad you guys got some good summer weather :)