Monday, August 17, 2009

Our Time Away Take 2

So a few more pictures from our time in Toronto. I know, it's a lot of pictures for such a short trip but we really had a great time.

Of course William would only go on the Swans with Aunt Bonnie, the funniest person he claims to know!

Again, William is excited, a little awed but still so cool. It's funny that William spent half of his life in this city, riding subways and streetcars all the time. But now, not only does he of course not remember any of it, he finds them utterly fascinating!

During a swim back at the hotel, the kids - I mean, Scott - found a slide. It went up 3 stories and twisted outside of the hotel. It was pitch black inside and you could see nothing until hitting the water as you see here. How do I know, Scott and Bonnie made me do it too! But let the record show, I did it once, Scott did it many, many times. The best part was his laugh when he escaped the tube each time! We all loved watching and waiting for him to burst out.

The kids decided early on that after their long day, a soak in the hot tub would be much more enjoyable than a cold swim.

On the elevator ride up to our room on the nineteenth floor, we were too tired to even get dressed. Not much doubt that we'll all sleep well tonight (and they did! lights out by 9, snoring away in seconds, amazing!!)

The next morning while Mommy and Daddy slowly woke up, the kids took activities into their own hands. Rosie settles in with a hotel pad and pen and doodles away... (notice the crossed feet!)

...while William and the ever-loyal Bingo take in some cuddle time together while watching TV.


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Becky said...

Scott and Neil are definitely brothers! Neil had a wonderful time on the hotel slide during our Niagara Falls trip. Though, I don't remember any giggling :) It looks like you all had such a wonderful time in Toronto.