Monday, November 30, 2009

Hibernation, Bed Posts and Haircuts

Our weekend began with a new tradition of watching Christmas videos on Friday nights, with popcorn. Looks like Daddy just couldn't handle all that Kipper Winter fun!

Next was a new big girl bed for Rosie, made my Gramps and the beautiful quilt by Oma. Thank you! Rosie only took about an hour to go to sleep that first night in her new bed. Once I came upstairs to find the light showing beneath her door, and when I opened the door, I found Rosie, stripped down except for her pajama top, dancing on top of her toybox. The second night went more smoothly. And total numbers of times she has fallen out of bed so far - three. Oops!

And to end our weekend, we decided to give Rosie a hair cut. We were lucky that she kept her curls, even though the scissors took off a little more than we'd expected. Ah, that kid could pull anything off, just look at her! :)

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