Friday, November 27, 2009

Things we Love

What's making these kids so happy! Let's see.

William is doing so amazing with his reading.
Rosie is starting to sing and dance to any music she hears (she LOVES the newest U2 cd!).
There was a new Charlie and Lola book in the library this week.
William LOVES the new playmobil catalogue - especially the construction sets! "They make me have to pee!!" (I kid you not, during dinner last night, with catalogue laid out beside him, drooling over the diggers and things, he jumped up and yelled this as he raced to the bathroom!!)
They consume lots and lots of yogurt with blueberries.
William loves telling me what words to use in my writing - "to, it, at, the, and..." (he shoots them out at me like rapid fire!)
They love wrestling together right now. Then they fall, sit facing each other while bawling. They eventually stop, and then continue to wrestle.
It took Rosie maybe five minutes to learn who Santa was - ho ho ho! She says 'oh oh oh'.
For Rosie, POOL POOL POOL!! She loves her swimming lessons.
She also won't take off hew new jewellery from Uncle Chad and Aunt Sue.
William likes calamari and shrimp.
And perhaps the number one favourite thing for our kids right now - CHOC CHOC NONUTS!!
(That's chocolate doughnuts, Rosie-style!!)

And maybe, just maybe, they know that December is about to begin!!

And what am I loving so much right now - please see above. Scott can say and do some pretty darn cute things too :) hee hee


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