Thursday, December 16, 2010


Ever since William's second visit to Santa was a complete disaster, we've never considered going back. But this year they both edged closer to the peripherals of Santa's mall kingdom and asked to go for a visit. Tonight (hating to admit we were at the mall having fun on a school night running last minute errands and eating in food courts) there was no line up and we did it! Of course once we were at the final gate and Santa's Helper (as the kids called him) beckoned them (all be it somewhat creepily) over, they clung to us like mad monkeys until they were turned around to face the camera while sitting in our laps. The trick this year, besides Rosie love of any camera and picture taken of her, was William's missing tooth. That little gap wanted to be seen and for some reason William thought it was important enough to face his fears of the great mall elves and smile once again, beside the man in the big red suit.


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Catching up and Other Festivities

I know I've been away from here for awhile. Things have been busy and people have been sick, very sick and tired, somewhat very tired. But too much has happened now not to share! When I last saw you, Rosie had just turned three and Scott was also about to have a birthday. And he did, his 35th!, filled with treats and kisses from crazy kids, as can be imagined.

The weeks that followed were filled with a very unfortunate stomach flu, hitting all members of our family except for the still glowing birthday boy who was aptly able to hold down the fort. Here he is looking quite proud of himself, either from never needing to run to a toilet in the past month or because he took care of two very sick children, literally all night while Mommy was in Toronto seeing a Sarah Harmer concert with Bonnie.

And since then, we've been counting down the seconds until we could get a Christmas book out of the library and not be embarrassed that it was only November 14th. And then we got reacquainted with the Christmas story, with the help of a Nativity Playmobil set we've been giving the kids piece by piece each day in their Advent calender, and by other means. They especially liked this version at the tree farm the other weekend. Rosie had to kneel down and rock the Baby Jesus to sleep before we went home.

We also managed to pick up a Christmas tree while at the tree farm! Rosie had to kneel down in front of each tree we considered cutting down, weighing in with her vote based on whether or not she thought there would be enough room for lots of presents beneath it. This one the winner, brought home and decorated with only five or ten ornaments ruined and broken by Wrecking Rosie.

And this was our yearly photograph that we try to take of ourselves after the tree is tied onto the car roof and we are warming up with some free apple cider and sugar cookies provided by the tree farm.

And since then, there's been snow.......

and lots off sugar highs from lots of baking!

And did I mention just only little, tiny, insignificant detail?

William lost his first baby tooth!!!!

He was so excited, but of course also troubled. He wasn't sure whether he should offer up his tooth to the fairy or keep it. But thanks to advice from Nana, he decided to write a note to the Tooth Fairy asking if he could keep his tooth because it was special to him.

Luckily the Tooth Fairy was in great spirits (despite being overly tired and therefore giddy and clumsy) and left William his tooth along with two loonies, which he shared with Rosie so they could each buy a pack of sugarless gum, their newest fascination.

And that brings us to tonight. I'll stop typing and let the video speak or sing for itself. It was a very cold, wintery and Christmassy night.

William wasn't quite as lively as last year, he was tired for sure, but he sang and knew the words by heart, and Rosie couldn't get enough of the show.


Sunday, November 7, 2010

It's A Jolly Holiday with Rosie! No Wonder that It's Rosie that We Love!

Rosie, our littlest, our baby, turned 3 yesterday. It just happened, it's come and gone. Even the post-birthday, toy and cake hangover day has passed. But is was a pretty perfect day. This is the girl who is still asking each night if we can go treat or treating again, she's pretty easy to make happy. The morning started early, not because Rosie was up and raring to go, but because her brother was so excited it was his sister's birthday that at 7am you would have thought it was his birthday and Christmas combined.I can't put into words how it felt to be woken by him, jumping on our heads in bed after a week of sleepless nights because he's had such a miserable cough. He was genuinely that thrilled to celebrate her, without motive, no secretive lurking about for a gift for himself. Kinda got Scott and I thinking we must be doing something right.

When we finally woke the Birthday Girl, it took a matter of seconds for her to catch right up to William. Highlights from the day included, Fruit Loops and jelly beans for breakfast, a pony, a baby which she named Queenie, the Mary Poppins movie (her favourite!), an apron like Mommy's, a birthday party with all of her friends, another butterfly painted onto her face, a chocolate butterfly and flower cake, family over for the day, and homemade macaroni and cheese for dinner. It does seem so far that her favourite is the dollhouse and the table for it which Scott made just for her. The day ended, unfortunately, with her having finally caught William's nagging cough, but it didn't damper this lucky girl's spirits, it took us forever to get her to put all of the babies and dolls inside of her dollhouse to bed after many tiny bottles of milk.

I could say so much more here about how big she and William are now and how Scott and I seem to have run out of babies. But we're okay with that, we love these crazy, weird biggish kids and who they are starting to become. I love that we bought Rosie a game for her big day and she and William can sit and play it together. I love that they draw and learn the words to their favourite songs. I love that they are getting friends other than the children of my friends. I love that they go to birthday parties. I love all of their interests and the phases they go through. I loved being silly together in Zeller's today and deciding as a family to come home and have chips and cake for dinner (with oranges!) for one last birthday hooray! I love making a joke about something that seems abstract and too inside and having William top me with another. I love that our kitchen has become a kitchen/art studio. I love these kids and our messes and the fun Scott and I have with them somedays and the number of times we roll our eyes together over their heads and threaten to bang our heads against the wall other days. They drive us completely crazy, of course they do, but that's ok and three (3!!) is another beginning, and we're running toward it and beyond it together.

And it's amazing to see those quick, fleeting moments, like William running around the house looking for tissue paper to wrap one more present for Rosie with, that honestly show how much they love each other. I've come to the time, we both have, when we're happy with Now and just want to sit (or jump on the couch if the need be) with our kids, enjoy and eat some cake.

Happy Birthday Rosie Beatrice!! You rock!


Monday, November 1, 2010

And Here We Go!

We spent the evening trick-or-treating with the Neufeld's again this year, pizza and candy! The kids braved the cold and tricked and treated and thanked and ran and ate and ate ate until they could do no more! The little ones retreated back with Daddies a tad early which left the Mommies trying to keep up with the big ones as they skipped from house to house proclaiming, 'We're Best Friends!' after which William reassured one woman 'But we don't live together!' And to think this is only the beginning of Party Month for us, what with birthdays galore just around the corner!

The funny thing is we realized early yesterday that Rosie really wouldn't have any memories of what Halloween is. So we found ourself explaining to her what to expect, although the word
'candy' seemed to be enough to make her happy. She woke up this morning - late - telling me "I want to go trick-or-treating again all day!"


Just About There....

Not much else to do now!


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sketches of a Home Gone Wild

Despite my title, home has actually been a little more calm lately and I'm enjoying it before the crazy rush of Halloween hits us. It's a very windy day today, and the boys (William and his friend from school who I take care of everyday after their morning SK class is over) are playing downstairs while Rosie naps and I'm in the kitchen trying to make some sort of lunches for Scott and I other than quick PB sandwiches. So much effort goes into healthy, homemade food for the kids that it's easy to sometimes forget about ourselves. Right now I've got the innards for Curried Chicken Turnovers simmering on the stove and the smell and colour of the curry fits perfectly with the sun-lit leaves that are still hanging on for dear life to the branches outside my window.

Some of the calm we've had at home lately has been thanks to an Ed Emberly book on drawing monsters that Scott brought home one day from the library. William loves the step-by-step directions and he draws away at the dinner table while Scott and I get to cook together. Rosie sits across from him watching and commenting, "That's great William, you're doing awesome." So cute. And it's been inspiring her as well. The top two pictures William did, but the last drawing is Rosie's princess, she's so proud of it!

I've been getting excited as well because Nanowrimo is coming up. I did it last year, the crazy rush to write a novel in one month. I'll be honest, I don't believe it's possible, not for me anyway, to really write a novel in 30 days, but it does give me a deadline and a whole lot of pressure to get myself in the chair each day. And I've been planning and dreaming and scheming about a real project for this time around, not just 'write like mad and come out with a mess!" I've been planning on a bunch of short stories linked around a theme, a woman, a time, a town. I figure if I get tons written, the 50,000 word count like you need to WIN, than I'll have gotten a good crack into them and will have loads to work with afterwards. I'm excited, and looking forward to the time I'm going to having writing, quiet and cozy, as promised by Scott who said he will do whatever I need to get the work done again this year, just like he did last year, just like he always does. It'll be hard seeing that November is a nutty birthday month around here, Rosie and Scott, and niece and brother-in-law and friends, but I want this, so I'll do it. Gladly, step-by-step, just like those pictures up there.


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fresh Air

We all enjoyed a deep breath of fresh air this weekend, of something different and away from our usual goings-on. For the first time ever, the kids were asked to spend most of Saturday on a playdate, without Scott or I present. Without much time to do anything but bake up some scones to bring as an offering for our children's brave caregivers for the day, Scott and I weren't even able to kiss our kiddos goodbye before they were in the door, boots thrown off and racing up to friends' bedrooms. So we took their lead and rushed off ourselves to do some second-hand shopping, book browsing and out for lunch at a nearby diner. We finished the evening with ecstatic children bouncing off the walls, homemade pizza and beer, followed by chocolate and the first Harry Potter movie once kids were in bed. Fresh air to start a new week, breathe deep, and jump in!


Thursday, October 21, 2010


I should be doing dishes, or at least sitting down with the computer in front of me instead of leaning over the kitchen counter in this horrible posture because my laptop's battery is junk. But I don't want to distance myself too far from the dishes and spaghetti sauce and granola that need being made this afternoon, and I don't want to take the five minutes it would take to shutdown and turn back on because I need to write a little right now.

Everything feels like fall and it's really where I want to be. A little dark and a lot cozy. Sweaters are out and around us and the kids are just sick enough to want all the cuddles they can get. OK by me.

Lots of new things this week and last. William decided it was time to learn to tie shoelaces, and he did it. Within a week a new pair of shoes were purchased and with the only setback of not being able to get the bows quite tight enough, he's doing great. And he loves pelicans, and palm trees still - remnants leftover from our Florida trip.

Rosie turns three in a few weeks, she's drawing, learning letters and sounds, reading books to me that she's memorized and enjoying the attention it gets from her reading big brother. She begs to go camping on a daily basis right now, and that makes me happy for how she's starting to find memories dear enough to hold on to and hopefully remember.

This week I canned green tomato chutney and Scott made bagels from scratch! It doesn't get much more fun than that.

I started going to a Poetry reading group, and I love it! Of course, being our first meeting, despite having read and somewhat enjoyed our first book, Karen Solie's Pigeon, I barley uttered a word among these new people who I am looking forward getting to know. But how perfect an evening to spend talking about words, new ideas, totally new thoughts (and very unrelated to children) while drinking wine and eating cheese! I couldn't sleep that night my mind was racing. I am looking forward to next month, we're reading Margaret Atwood's collection from 1995, Morning in the Burned House. I pick my copy up at the local bookshop next week, can't wait. Me, poetry! I know! I also have loads of new ideas about my writing that maybe I'll start sharing and working out here soon, but now yet.

I'm off now to await a delivery for Scott's birthday, I'll let you know in a few months, he does read this :) I know this blog is a little disjointed, I've been pretty jumpy and excited these days, hoping from one thing to the next. Hoping to settle down a little soon and enjoy this time even more.


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


It was only one day, the first day in five years since we've seen Bailey.
Wish it could have been more time together.
But I'll focus my thoughts on how amazing it is that it always feels like no time has passed.
It always feels the same.


Monday, September 27, 2010

Back At It

William has been back at school for a few weeks now, as an SK none the less. This was his first day, and as you can see he was prety excited to head back. His sister however, was too keen on letting him go. She's gotten over it since, and is enjoying her mornings with Mommy, especially our girl mornings out to bookshops and bakeries. Let's hope this year is another great one for our little academics.



It feels a little cruel to be posting these photos so late after our trip not to mention on such a dreary fall day. But the pictures are so worth putting up. We had the greatest week in Florida this month with our friends Rachel and Dan (and their twins on the way!) We swam, swam, and pretty much swam. And there were some great meals and lots of relaxing. It was great time that already feels so far away.

Thanks again Rachel and Dan!!


ps - I should mention that we drove, almost ten hours a day. But thanks to the luxury of having a dvd player in our friend's van, those rascals from Madagascar, Charlie, Lola and especially Mary Poppins made the trip a breeze.

pps - I shouldn't bother to mention the fire ants and the scabs Rosie still has on her legs!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Things I'm Lovin'

OK, first I'm going to say something I'm not lovin'! My shaking! I know, you're all gasping, she never complains about that! And I'm not really, but it does suck when I'm trying to sew. I see the fun things I could make, and William is keen to learn and play with me on the machine, but the old hands just don't wanna work. Type, type they scream! Let's write instead, forget the sewing. And I know, they're right. But it would be a fun hobby for William and I to take up during the upcoming fall and winter months.

So instead of feeling sorry for myself, anymore anyway, I'm going to list things I'm loving and feeling so blessed for.

I love that William is so excited to get back to school that we already had to buy his new backpack and he even tried wearing it to bed. And I love how Scott had to position the book he was reading for bedtime in front of William's boxers in order to make this photo appropriate for the blog.

I love our new bedroom! I love the colour, the flowing curtains, the bedskirt (my I must be growing up!) and more than anything, I love the headboard Scott made me for our wedding anniversary this summer. I also love Rosie's curly hair and that it's long enough to make a perfect ponytail.

As always, I love our garden. We have an overload of zucchinis right now, and I'm shedding and freezing and baking and grilling around the clock it seems, but it's amazing when you step back and thing that we made this food. As William says, 'it's the most local food we can get!' We even have an eggplant in the works.

I love that we are back to swimming lessons for another two weeks and the kids still love it.
I love that I've rediscovered the Stephanie Plum books and they still make me laugh!
I love my friend (who I know has plans for sewing with me tomorrow so hopefully she won't see this blog for a day or so - heehee).
I love that Scott and I got to have a date night last night.

And I love that as I'm writing this, we have a yummy tortiere (that I didn't make :) in the oven, William is in the bathroom downstairs and I can hear him telling stories and talking away, and Rosie and Scott are cuddled on the couch reading stories. So what if I can't sew, so what.


Friday, August 13, 2010

Summer Days

So this week we left home, loaded up the van and hit our old stomping grounds. We did the same trip last year, met Aunt Bonnie, took the ferry to Centre Island, followed by pizza and swimming back at the hotel. The next day we were off to the Science Centre, guaranteed it would be a huge success! Well, the Island was more exciting this year because both kids could enjoy the rides and for some reason no one got completely exhausted like we remember being last year. William loved the roller coaster and Rosie loved the Bumblebee ride that went up high and around. Life-jacket swimming and jumping in the hotel pool was a huge hit. This summer water trumps all, not much else seems to be needed. The trip the Science Centre did have some ups and downs. Scott and I experienced child-like disappointment when the kids completely freaked out during the first five minutes of the Harry Potter Exhibition and we had no choice but to leave. But I did get the try on the Sorting Hat which placed me as a Gryffindor. Unfortunately at the time Rosie was screaming and strangling me around my neck so there wasn't much opportunity for a picture. The fake British actors did make sure (all the while staying in character which made everything even more annoying) we got our money back. To be honest, I think our kids had more fun a few hours later running around Ikea while Scott and I picked out curtains. Ikea and a pool, that's all we needed to do so it seems. But it was a fun trip and as always Aunt Bonnie was the main attraction. So thanks for braving it with us again!


ps - The car in the pictures, bottom row, is the blue car Harry and Ron fly in the second movie!! I know one day poor William won't be able to believe that he hadn't wanted to see it all.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Living is Easy

Swimming update. The lessons are over, kids passed and loved every minute of it - except the minutes Rosie spent crying and screaming. But she did learn quite a repertoire of swimming songs including her favourite Fishy Wishy. We'll take a few weeks to dry out and start the next session!



Some day!


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Swimming take 3!

Not much to say for swimming class #3 except that it was perfect, two happy swimming kids! Which was great for afterwards when we drove to pick up Heather and kids and took the van to the beach! The kids practiced they're new skills and I don't think they could have been any happier, that goes for the mommies as well. A great day with very tired kids and minor sunburns to show for it. So much water this week though, one more class tomorrow and than maybe break, to dry up a bit!!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Swimming take 2!

This picture was from last week, but it was cute and I had nothing from today.

Swim classs #2 was remarkably better. Of course bribes of Kindereggs and painted toenails go
a long way to get my children to try their best. Rosie jumped in and got right to it, blowing her bubbles and dunking her head underwater. The goal for William's class is to float unassisted for three seconds and he's getting there for sure. He's only complaint today was not that the water was too cold, but that he didn't want to let the swim instructor-in-training touch him because William didn't like his swimsuit, so he made it quite clear to all that only the regular teacher was to help him. And the biggest laugh was hearing that instructor saying 'okay guys, now it's time for more floats' followed by my William retorting 'no, I don't think we have enough time' while pointing to a clock on the wall. My goodness. Oh well, we three left the pool much happier and that's really all that matters. Two big toes painted, fourteen more to go (it makes sense to me, trust me :)