Saturday, April 24, 2010


So last night. The swimming was great, very happy kids. Long story short William is telling everyone that it was his "best swimming class ever". Hooray!

So this morning we moved on to his first birthday party for a school friend. At an indoor wild play structure. Ended up with all of us there, kids loved it. Sigh, another sign of them growing up. William's first chance at getting tokens to use to play games and collect prizes. He choose a sugar stick and something else so perfect it can only be shown, and not told about. Wait for a picture.Rosie was crying for a red sucker so hard the nice kid behind the counter gave her one for free. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

**Rosie perhaps up from nap, quick intermission**

OK, she's up and boys are outdoors turning over the soil in our vegetable garden, plus adding six - count 'em - six bags of sheep poo. William just popped inside to give me a dandelion and the smell of earth he brought in with him was perfect. I need to get Rosie up and put on my digging boots. Wait, another William visit, with cut daffodils to add to the vase here on my desk. Ahh, loving the luxuries of having an office!

Going to run, we've got us some planting to do.
And some minivans to test drive! It's time.


ps - As I was just rereading this William came in with more flowers. His pant leg had escaped his boot and when I told him to tuck it back in he said, "Why? The dirt's not going to get me."
Right. I forget that when it comes to my kids and dirt, they have all become one.

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