Friday, May 28, 2010

Doesn't Get Any Better than This

I had no intention of doing another post tonight, much secret birthday work needs to be done, but when my Aunt Paula sent me this picture that she took this week, of her parents, my grandparents, my children's great-grandparents, I had to put it up. Nana and Boppa have been married over sixty years, continuously take care of us all and make us laugh. I couldn't love them any more without bursting. A few weeks ago, William asked me how old Nana was, and I told him she was 83. He sat perched on his bike and thought about this for a moment, and then said, "huh, I wouldn't think she was more than 51." Smart kid. :) Now I have some serious wrapping to do!


Simply Crazy In Season

May is a crazy, busy time in our house. Besides Mother's Day, we have my birthday and William's, which is tomorrow. Oh, and what a day it's going to be! It's also flower picking time aplenty in our backyard...

...there is always something for Rosie to run around for, like her potty! Did I tell you she's completely, absolutely toilet trained, hooray!

There are always lots of big smiles just for being outside...

...and hats and sunglasses aplenty! (did I use 'aplenty' twice in this blog so far, cool!)

...and not to forget the most exciting of all, the Bottle Rocket Brigade has begun once again.

My birthday, which began at 6am when I got up to write, was so much fun. Scott and the kids spoiled me silly and despite the hectic schedule of William's school trip, Scott's whirlwind meetings and rocketing temperatures, I'd say the cake and ice cream kept us all pretty cool and connected.

These are new Jamie Oliver cupcakes I'm making for William's party tomorrow, from the new America book. The cake is going to be chocolate, but with a splash of red food colouring, interesting.

And right now in the room beside me, this is my boy. Playing his first little video game on Scott's new toy and eating a bag of mini eggs as the excitement for tomorrow's big celebration builds and builds. He's so close to being 5 he can touch it! Tomorrow's going to be great, but as far as today goes, I think for him this is pretty much bliss, and bliss aplenty. (3, I did it :)


Thursday, May 13, 2010


The days have been dark and wet and we have colds. So afternoons this week have been spent inside while Rosie naps. William and I have taken to playing games, making cookies and drinking tea, he still loves his peppermint. Yesterday, after playing Clue about twenty times, William started discussing the facial expressions on the characters and how they are looking around to see if anyone was watching them. I told him that meant they were suspicious or guilty, which he knew, and so we took to making the most suspicious faces we could for the camera. I remember not so long ago when William would run from the sight of a camera let alone pose for one like he loves doing now. I'm hoping it lasts another few weeks, should get some fun pictures of a smiley birthday boy.

Today Scott and I were discussing something money related, and after turning away I jokingly told Rosie that she needed to learn now that as a woman, most of the time, she would be right. As I said, this was a joke. Rosie looked up at me from her play-do and squinted. "I a woman?" I told her yes, like Mommy, she was. She said, "No. I a baby rabbit," and immediately went back to using her tiny hands to roll little bits of play-do into balls and let them fall onto to floor. Serves me right for trying to be funny.


Monday, May 3, 2010

The Many Faces of Rosie Bea

It is not even 9am on Monday morning and already I've gotten two boys off to work and school, done a load of laundry and given Rosie a bath.

I actually thought four innocent enough looking bottles of finger paint which I didn't even leave with her, I only left her with blobs of the stuff on the paper, wouldn't be a problem while I did the laundry. Obviously I need some coffee or a kick in the pants.

There are many faces of a two year old. Rosie Beatrice, as she now likes to call herself, by her full name, shows them to us, daily.

At the moment she is sitting in my lap, head turned giving me kisses and telling me "I excited Mommy' to see her pictures up on the screen.

Before a birthday party, looks okay, nothing suspicious.

Love love love the shoes! At the party, there was face paint which she refused but came home to do her own with a yellow marker.

And this was this morning, pre-blog and pre-bath.

She wants some popcorn now, that's clean, we'll go with that. She's also telling me if she starts to climb up onto my desk, she won't hurt herself. Right.


ps - This is the extent of a blog with a wiggling two-year old in your lap.

pps - Update. Popcorn was good, which led to rolling up socks ("Mommy, I need tape") and
happily reading on Mommy's bed in the sun. Ahhh. For now - I hear Jaws music looming.