Monday, May 3, 2010

The Many Faces of Rosie Bea

It is not even 9am on Monday morning and already I've gotten two boys off to work and school, done a load of laundry and given Rosie a bath.

I actually thought four innocent enough looking bottles of finger paint which I didn't even leave with her, I only left her with blobs of the stuff on the paper, wouldn't be a problem while I did the laundry. Obviously I need some coffee or a kick in the pants.

There are many faces of a two year old. Rosie Beatrice, as she now likes to call herself, by her full name, shows them to us, daily.

At the moment she is sitting in my lap, head turned giving me kisses and telling me "I excited Mommy' to see her pictures up on the screen.

Before a birthday party, looks okay, nothing suspicious.

Love love love the shoes! At the party, there was face paint which she refused but came home to do her own with a yellow marker.

And this was this morning, pre-blog and pre-bath.

She wants some popcorn now, that's clean, we'll go with that. She's also telling me if she starts to climb up onto my desk, she won't hurt herself. Right.


ps - This is the extent of a blog with a wiggling two-year old in your lap.

pps - Update. Popcorn was good, which led to rolling up socks ("Mommy, I need tape") and
happily reading on Mommy's bed in the sun. Ahhh. For now - I hear Jaws music looming.

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