Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Happy Happy Birthday!

So it happened. William turned 5, and had the best day ever doing so! The morning started with loads of smiles for the camera and special poses with his best dog Bingo who turned 4 on the birthday day, as he was William's first ever birthday present from Mommy and Daddy.

William says he got everything he asked for. Which whether or not is a good thing, we'll leave for further discussion down the road. Regardless, who wouldn't do anything possible to get a smile like the one above on that kid's face (even if it was just a funny Hawaiian print shirt he was opening).

William's special present for turning 5 was his first watch. His birthday was a week ago and besides sleeping and bathing, he's yet to take it off. Scott and I were talking to his JK teacher last week and she told us she loves the watch and how William is now able to remind her of every scheduled task, be it gym or snack time or home time, and how often he tells her she is late.

More Pixar Cars, this time from Rosie.

After presents, it was time to get dressed and welcome friends for a birthday party. No parents this time, just the kids! The time flew by with outside play...

...and William's choice of homemade macaroni and cupcakes! The animal noses you may or may not see were our attempt at a game, but birthday excitement brought on by friends, sugar and presents kept us from getting much of anyone's attention.

Except for Rosie, who loved the piggy nose!

After the party, family and more friends came over, but it got to be time for William to have some quiet time. The king on top of his castle, surrounded by new toys.

A little calmer but still just as happy. The day went so amazingly well, we had highs but no crashes!

The day went on well after bedtime. There's not much to say at this point, it was truly a perfect day!

We're a happy bunch. Who knew 5 years would go by so fast? Happy Birthday, one more time if I can sneak it in, my love!

William's guilty pleasure of the day was his very first pack of gum that one of his friends had put into his present. Yup, a very happy boy.


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