Friday, June 18, 2010

Time Flies

I haven't been blogging, or even writing much these days. Days are going quickly, end of school year wrapping up, plans settling suddenly for the upcoming summer months. The forecast for our holidays looks great, but the days themselves have been filled with a sick five year old, a dad with laryngitis that seems to have no end in sight and a mom that feels like she's dragging her feet just a tad. We did manage to sidestep these minor grievances for some fun this week that I want to spend some time thinking about and being thankful for. William's first true day of playing hookey was spent strawberry picking with friends, the evidence all over Rosie. We've been playing in the garden, talking away to our sprouts to reach up and grow taller. We bought a new pool and played in it happily, at least the kids did while Mommy tried to read a few pages of yet another book. And we went on a secret mission trip to the mall, which led to lunch in the Zeller's restaurant (grilled cheese and french fries with gravy!) and a new bottle or two of nail polish, again, the evidence is all over Rosie (although William also has his two big toes painted tonight). The secret mission part was needless to say for Daddy this weekend, we'll let you in on the secret soon enough and hopefully the star of the day himself, will be talking.

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