Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Just a Great Day

It was just one of those perfect summer days. The kids and I - inspired by the Little House on the Prairie books that William loves - took a picnic of homemade bread, cheese (whatever, cheese strings are technically cheese), lemonade, fruit and cookies to the creek. It wasn't really about the food though once we got there, it was more about running away screaming from the ducks they thought were going to attack us and our picnic fare, and playing in the water. After and quick and cold dinner this evening, we all went swimming at an outdoor pool. The kids wore their brand new lifejackets and William swam the length of the pool three times, he was so proud!

They are hopefully sleeping away right now, to bed late again, and we will continue our summer routine of up late and sleeping in, not too shabby. A good day.


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