Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Swimming take 2!

This picture was from last week, but it was cute and I had nothing from today.

Swim classs #2 was remarkably better. Of course bribes of Kindereggs and painted toenails go
a long way to get my children to try their best. Rosie jumped in and got right to it, blowing her bubbles and dunking her head underwater. The goal for William's class is to float unassisted for three seconds and he's getting there for sure. He's only complaint today was not that the water was too cold, but that he didn't want to let the swim instructor-in-training touch him because William didn't like his swimsuit, so he made it quite clear to all that only the regular teacher was to help him. And the biggest laugh was hearing that instructor saying 'okay guys, now it's time for more floats' followed by my William retorting 'no, I don't think we have enough time' while pointing to a clock on the wall. My goodness. Oh well, we three left the pool much happier and that's really all that matters. Two big toes painted, fourteen more to go (it makes sense to me, trust me :)


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