Friday, August 13, 2010

Summer Days

So this week we left home, loaded up the van and hit our old stomping grounds. We did the same trip last year, met Aunt Bonnie, took the ferry to Centre Island, followed by pizza and swimming back at the hotel. The next day we were off to the Science Centre, guaranteed it would be a huge success! Well, the Island was more exciting this year because both kids could enjoy the rides and for some reason no one got completely exhausted like we remember being last year. William loved the roller coaster and Rosie loved the Bumblebee ride that went up high and around. Life-jacket swimming and jumping in the hotel pool was a huge hit. This summer water trumps all, not much else seems to be needed. The trip the Science Centre did have some ups and downs. Scott and I experienced child-like disappointment when the kids completely freaked out during the first five minutes of the Harry Potter Exhibition and we had no choice but to leave. But I did get the try on the Sorting Hat which placed me as a Gryffindor. Unfortunately at the time Rosie was screaming and strangling me around my neck so there wasn't much opportunity for a picture. The fake British actors did make sure (all the while staying in character which made everything even more annoying) we got our money back. To be honest, I think our kids had more fun a few hours later running around Ikea while Scott and I picked out curtains. Ikea and a pool, that's all we needed to do so it seems. But it was a fun trip and as always Aunt Bonnie was the main attraction. So thanks for braving it with us again!


ps - The car in the pictures, bottom row, is the blue car Harry and Ron fly in the second movie!! I know one day poor William won't be able to believe that he hadn't wanted to see it all.

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Heather and Josh said...

Griffindor, huh? Yeah, I can see it. Maybe. Mostly because I can't remember the other ones, except for the bad guys...