Monday, September 27, 2010


It feels a little cruel to be posting these photos so late after our trip not to mention on such a dreary fall day. But the pictures are so worth putting up. We had the greatest week in Florida this month with our friends Rachel and Dan (and their twins on the way!) We swam, swam, and pretty much swam. And there were some great meals and lots of relaxing. It was great time that already feels so far away.

Thanks again Rachel and Dan!!


ps - I should mention that we drove, almost ten hours a day. But thanks to the luxury of having a dvd player in our friend's van, those rascals from Madagascar, Charlie, Lola and especially Mary Poppins made the trip a breeze.

pps - I shouldn't bother to mention the fire ants and the scabs Rosie still has on her legs!

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