Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fresh Air

We all enjoyed a deep breath of fresh air this weekend, of something different and away from our usual goings-on. For the first time ever, the kids were asked to spend most of Saturday on a playdate, without Scott or I present. Without much time to do anything but bake up some scones to bring as an offering for our children's brave caregivers for the day, Scott and I weren't even able to kiss our kiddos goodbye before they were in the door, boots thrown off and racing up to friends' bedrooms. So we took their lead and rushed off ourselves to do some second-hand shopping, book browsing and out for lunch at a nearby diner. We finished the evening with ecstatic children bouncing off the walls, homemade pizza and beer, followed by chocolate and the first Harry Potter movie once kids were in bed. Fresh air to start a new week, breathe deep, and jump in!


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