Thursday, October 21, 2010


I should be doing dishes, or at least sitting down with the computer in front of me instead of leaning over the kitchen counter in this horrible posture because my laptop's battery is junk. But I don't want to distance myself too far from the dishes and spaghetti sauce and granola that need being made this afternoon, and I don't want to take the five minutes it would take to shutdown and turn back on because I need to write a little right now.

Everything feels like fall and it's really where I want to be. A little dark and a lot cozy. Sweaters are out and around us and the kids are just sick enough to want all the cuddles they can get. OK by me.

Lots of new things this week and last. William decided it was time to learn to tie shoelaces, and he did it. Within a week a new pair of shoes were purchased and with the only setback of not being able to get the bows quite tight enough, he's doing great. And he loves pelicans, and palm trees still - remnants leftover from our Florida trip.

Rosie turns three in a few weeks, she's drawing, learning letters and sounds, reading books to me that she's memorized and enjoying the attention it gets from her reading big brother. She begs to go camping on a daily basis right now, and that makes me happy for how she's starting to find memories dear enough to hold on to and hopefully remember.

This week I canned green tomato chutney and Scott made bagels from scratch! It doesn't get much more fun than that.

I started going to a Poetry reading group, and I love it! Of course, being our first meeting, despite having read and somewhat enjoyed our first book, Karen Solie's Pigeon, I barley uttered a word among these new people who I am looking forward getting to know. But how perfect an evening to spend talking about words, new ideas, totally new thoughts (and very unrelated to children) while drinking wine and eating cheese! I couldn't sleep that night my mind was racing. I am looking forward to next month, we're reading Margaret Atwood's collection from 1995, Morning in the Burned House. I pick my copy up at the local bookshop next week, can't wait. Me, poetry! I know! I also have loads of new ideas about my writing that maybe I'll start sharing and working out here soon, but now yet.

I'm off now to await a delivery for Scott's birthday, I'll let you know in a few months, he does read this :) I know this blog is a little disjointed, I've been pretty jumpy and excited these days, hoping from one thing to the next. Hoping to settle down a little soon and enjoy this time even more.


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