Sunday, November 7, 2010

It's A Jolly Holiday with Rosie! No Wonder that It's Rosie that We Love!

Rosie, our littlest, our baby, turned 3 yesterday. It just happened, it's come and gone. Even the post-birthday, toy and cake hangover day has passed. But is was a pretty perfect day. This is the girl who is still asking each night if we can go treat or treating again, she's pretty easy to make happy. The morning started early, not because Rosie was up and raring to go, but because her brother was so excited it was his sister's birthday that at 7am you would have thought it was his birthday and Christmas combined.I can't put into words how it felt to be woken by him, jumping on our heads in bed after a week of sleepless nights because he's had such a miserable cough. He was genuinely that thrilled to celebrate her, without motive, no secretive lurking about for a gift for himself. Kinda got Scott and I thinking we must be doing something right.

When we finally woke the Birthday Girl, it took a matter of seconds for her to catch right up to William. Highlights from the day included, Fruit Loops and jelly beans for breakfast, a pony, a baby which she named Queenie, the Mary Poppins movie (her favourite!), an apron like Mommy's, a birthday party with all of her friends, another butterfly painted onto her face, a chocolate butterfly and flower cake, family over for the day, and homemade macaroni and cheese for dinner. It does seem so far that her favourite is the dollhouse and the table for it which Scott made just for her. The day ended, unfortunately, with her having finally caught William's nagging cough, but it didn't damper this lucky girl's spirits, it took us forever to get her to put all of the babies and dolls inside of her dollhouse to bed after many tiny bottles of milk.

I could say so much more here about how big she and William are now and how Scott and I seem to have run out of babies. But we're okay with that, we love these crazy, weird biggish kids and who they are starting to become. I love that we bought Rosie a game for her big day and she and William can sit and play it together. I love that they draw and learn the words to their favourite songs. I love that they are getting friends other than the children of my friends. I love that they go to birthday parties. I love all of their interests and the phases they go through. I loved being silly together in Zeller's today and deciding as a family to come home and have chips and cake for dinner (with oranges!) for one last birthday hooray! I love making a joke about something that seems abstract and too inside and having William top me with another. I love that our kitchen has become a kitchen/art studio. I love these kids and our messes and the fun Scott and I have with them somedays and the number of times we roll our eyes together over their heads and threaten to bang our heads against the wall other days. They drive us completely crazy, of course they do, but that's ok and three (3!!) is another beginning, and we're running toward it and beyond it together.

And it's amazing to see those quick, fleeting moments, like William running around the house looking for tissue paper to wrap one more present for Rosie with, that honestly show how much they love each other. I've come to the time, we both have, when we're happy with Now and just want to sit (or jump on the couch if the need be) with our kids, enjoy and eat some cake.

Happy Birthday Rosie Beatrice!! You rock!


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