Thursday, December 22, 2011

Poor Sick Laptops

Just to let you know, as gently as I can, the reason for the absence of Christmas blogs. I've been saying too often lately, how lucky we've been. No one has been sick in our house since school started. Amazing! Of course Sunday night, after a wonderfully Christmas weekend with my family in Whitby, Rosie was up sick.

Sick sick.

Which meant no school for Rosie on Monday, which meant bye-bye to the last full day I had on my own, with both kids in school to get things done. That was alright, I had a cold of my own and didn't really mind an excuse to be cuddly with my girl.


Watching Christmas videos together on the laptop, Rosie was sick again.

All over the laptop. All over.

The computer died immediately, after doing overly-exaggerated beeps and flashes. That is the computer that is mine, with all of our pictures. I've been sneaking time at Scott's when its around.

So please imagine my kiddos with their cousins, opening beautifully knit sweaters by Nana on the weekend.

Picture us making gingerbread trains at the kitchen table, with goodies and a Advent candle on the table that has gotten quite small.

Envision Rosie under a knit blanket and having a nap on the couch to fight off her bug.

And best of all, and coming as soon as I can do it, somehow, see the kids singing their hearts out at yesterdays concert.

And while my laptop remains ill and somewhat smelly (ew!) we are all healthy and happy and no longer waiting for the next one to get it. (I just jinxed us didn't I?!?)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Our Tree

Scott working on some ornaments last night after the kids stayed up late decorating the tree with us.

And Rosie this morning evaluating her work.


Saturday, December 3, 2011

Day 3 (We'll start here)

The first night the candle took longer to burn down to the 2. Since then, they've had to eat a little faster.

Wow, I don't remember thinking they looked that tired!!


Friday, November 25, 2011

It's Coming

Some of us are dreaming and some of us are planning.


Friday, November 11, 2011


This was today, the first bit of snow. Rosie and I were home, our first home day in what feels like too long. She was in dress up clothes, we were doing puzzles, me cozy with coffee and a novel on the sly. We ran outside in the snow for only a minute or so, long enough to get proof before the flurries stopped.


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

4 is for Rosie!

On Sunday, our Rose turned 4! My baby. It was the first day of daylight savings, a very long day with the kids up early and ready to go. I felt we'd gained hours that day, letting us get in so many things to make our girl happy. We did presents (a new easel made by Scott!), and Fruit Loops, and chocolate milk, and a special hot dog lunch, followed by a trip to the KW Art Gallery where we met up with family and friends and had a blast enjoying the free family crafts and activities. We all came home and did more presents and pizza, followed up by an incredible Doctor Who birthday cake (thanks Becky!!) and then, after saying goodbye to everyone, a final present before bed, a new book to snuggle up and read together. She's 4, in school, hilarious, loves her art, what else is there to say? Just how much we love her. Happy Birthday Rosie-Bear!!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Shortcuts and Trick or Treating

I'm taking a shortcut tonight because it's a certain little someone's 4th birthday tomorrow and there's lots to be done!

Halloween was great, and to see, I'm going to let you visit another website to catch a glimpse. If you click here we'll let friend Heather tell you about the night while I run off and get these kids to bed so I can start decorating and wrapping and Scott can get back into the garage where's he's making something special!

(Or I could have just simply written a proper blog up myself sometime during the past week since Halloween, but you're not going to judge me, right?)


Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween - The Morning Issue

The morning was interesting. A perfect Monday Halloween. William wouldn't get his costume on, wouldn't be in a picture, didn't want to go to school, was too tired, was too bored. It went on. But obviously he got all Optimus Primed up and away he went while his sister, Laura Ingalls, couldn't stop beaming. Until...

Go back to about a week ago when Scott thought it would be fun to watch some Pink Panther cartoons with the kids on Netflix. William thought they were hilarious, Rosie screamed and ran out of the room. So...

We go back to this morning when we walk into the yard, up to the door where her lovely, young and smiling teacher is waiting for her, dressed as none other than a very big and very pink Pink Panther. Rosie stopped dead in her tracks and kind of did that paralysis thing kids do. How bad was it that Scott and I had trouble keeping ourselves from laughing, even the teacher thought it was pretty funny. We managed to get Rosie to go into the classroom, but she was a very mute, somewhat petrified Rosie/Laura Ingalls.

What were the chances! To give the teacher credit, it was a pretty awesome costume :)


Sunday, October 23, 2011

We're Fine!

Haven't written in ages, I know. So many things going on. Realized the other day I'd left the blog hanging with the bully incident. Of course everything went fine, the principal talked to William and to the class about respect. Luckily grades ones don't often go for revenge :)

We spent yesterday with Aunt Bonnie in Toronto, our old stomping grounds, playing at our old Dufferin Grove park, buying toys and coffees at our old mall. Scott spent some time with a colleague from York while we played and then we all met up afterwards for some fancy lunching in the food court where once upon a time I used too eat far to many New York fries to soothe my pregnant cravings.

It was definitely a treat day, a busy day, a happy day. It always is with her.


Friday, October 7, 2011

Some Things

So today has been a day of figuring things out. Last night William came home from school, very in control and happy, but told me that he'd had trouble in the yard at recess. I posted last time about his success with the fireman's pole and yesterday when he was about to go down it again, boys from the grade 1 english class (not french :) stood around the bottom and wouldn't let him down. William told me he repeatedly asked them to move and they yelled up at him "don't make us come up there" and then they did start to climb up to William, who jumped down and began to run and look for a teacher. This happens, I know, but the unsettling bits are that a) he couldn't find a teacher, b)he had to keep running from the boys until he somehow through them off and hid, and c) when he told his afternoon teacher what had happened, her response was, 'Did you ask them to stop? Because you really should have asked them to stop." I think this last point - the subtle blaming the victim take - was what upset Scott and I the most. Even William said to me, 'I think I asked them to stop, I don't remember, but it's not really my job to tell them to stop doing something they should know it wrong." Smart kid. So we did call the school, Scott did, just to ask what the school's take on bullying is and how it would be handled. Last we heard today, the principal was going to talk to William and she was going to use this situation to teach the grade ones more about respect. William told me, "I wasn't scared Mommy, I just really, really didn't like it, they took away my fun." But at least he didn't mention it this morning and it showed no signs of keeping him from being excited about school. He loves it and I'd just hate to see anything curb his enthusiasm. I'll admit, it really sucked being hit with this reality, didn't see it coming. If anyone reading this has any advice, please share!!

So today is my last writing day until next Wednesday. I'm editing a story I wrote since school start, hoping to maybe and actually submit it somewhere. I think it's good, just needs hard editing and some more punch to it. I've been juggling so many goals or thoughts of goal right now, wondering if I should just jump in and do them all or cut some out. I keep thinking of yoga, but not going. But did do a run (20 min)this afernoon when I needed a break and clear my head a bit. I think I'm going to try to start getting up a bit early the next few days, maybe tackle an early morning yoga challenge. We'll see, I'll need to work up to it I think. I'm definitely still floundering a little with this new freedom, but I think that jumping in will keep me going, it feels good.

Now off to get the kids soon, hopefully William had a good day. Than off to Bailey's to food for dinner and enjoy the night with maybe a family movie to kick-off this holiday weekend!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

One of Those Days

As in, one of those perfect days. I knew I had to go back to the school just after noon so I let myself indulge this morning in sun and my book in the backyard. Then off I went to help with the JK class trip to Nauman's Pumpkin farm. Rosie loved it, the sun, the orange everywhere, and the hay jumps. She was glowing from the moment we stepped on the bus. Couldn't get enough of the newness of being a big girl. I was just happy to be with her and be outside.

It was a big day for William too. After days of debating the pros and cons of possibly conquering the fireman pole at school (and practicing on some smaller ones at other parks) he did it! I love the doubt that he will actually do it on Rosie's face in this picture. But he did and he was proud! As he loves to say right now, 'je suis tres tres bon!'

And then an early Thanksgiving dinner with the Neufelds finished off the day with sheer insanity. It was perfect. We were smart in having a kids table and then letting them dash off and play in the backyard until it was dark, which surprisingly wasn't that late. Good grown-up time.

Yep, a keeper of a day for sure.

Monday, October 3, 2011


I want to write with quiet hands.

from Mary Oliver's poem, 'Everything', New Poems, 2004-2005.


Cold weekend, gorgeous sun, pumpkins, apple cider (which William pretended was his first coffee), Martin's Apple Fest, getting lost before getting to apple fest in a van that desperately needed gas and was far from a gas station, bouncy castles, sweaters, socks, bought a printer, made paper villages and Transformers, went to church, did laundry, read books, borrowed a Globe and Mail for a treat from a friend who was away, new Feist cd to listen to, baked granola bars and cheesy biscuits to go with last nights sqaush soup, the littlest of us dreamt of her birthday which is only a month away, and a big finale of Doctor Who. Couldn't get much better.

A rainy day here, me on my own rewriting a story I wrote last week. About to get more coffee, wearing my favourite sweater. Let's keep this up I say!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mall Madness

A break from shopping for new running shoes - which I got!

Just Fun on the Weekend

Leftover decorations, too bright to take down just yet, from that great anniversary party a few weeks back.
New glasses and a new smile for my toothless wonder.
Fun Sunday night at a restaurant in walking distance, the walk being most of the fun. Notice the newest obsession for the kids, Strawberry Shortcake figurines that they saved up for and bought themselves.

Just fun.


Monday, September 26, 2011

Watching them Go

That's the easy part. I drop them off, every other day for Rosie, and I know that they're happy, they're pretty much where they want to be. It's the next part that gets me, the what now??

I know this sounds crazy, I should a wildly happy woman, freedom! And it's not so much that I miss them, it's just figuring out who I am now when the house is quiet and the laundry is (almost) put away, dinner is planned and the breakfast dishes can wait until later.

So I write. I'm trying to keep moving, and mostly that's been my fingers across the keyboard. It's daunting having so much time to write. This week especially, with Rosie gone three days for the first time. Actually, just writing this now I'm wondering what the problem is, it sounds great! But there needs to be more. I'm getting back to yoga this week, and I'm going to take a crack at running. I know I have horrible balance and terrible knees, but a friend and I are taking off Wed morning with her twin babies in tow thanks to a new jogging stroller. Then home I'll be, feeling good from some exercise and fresh air, and ready to get back to writing. I can't wait!

Another decision I've made (this all seems so personal but it helps to get it down) is to give up submitting to writing contests for now and just go for getting published (whew, bandaid ripped off!). I had relied on contests for so long because I work well with a deadline, but I think by finishing a piece and sending it out and then starting another project, I'll feel like I'm actually getting ahead. I told Scott that my first rejection letters will be celebrated as a new step in the right direction.

So tomorrow I'm off with Rosie to buy some running shoes as I currently own none, the closest thing being a pair of Columbia hiking shoes that Scott is pretty I had when we started dating. So, sometimes change is good. Or in this case, a little bit of change and a whole lot of moving.


Monday, September 19, 2011

Quiet Rain

I'm moments from leaving to pick up both kids from school. It's Monday which means everyone will be home tonight. I've spent my third day at home, writing, reading, eating lunch alone. My ears are sore I think from so much quiet. CBC radio helps with that when I take a break to wash the breakfast dishes. Today went better. More writing for writing, no aims to be perfect, just to get back into the habit of getting words down, lots of words, practice. I've also made a promise to myself to read short stories on these days as well, leave whatever novel I'm reading for night time.

Soon the kids will burst in with me, wet and filled with a second wind. Dinner will be spaghetti and homemade bread, peach crumble for dessert.

I sound sleepy because leaving a day of writing and a quiet house feels like waking up after a nap. But I'm looking forward to seeing them and hearing about their day.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

First Days

Monday morning was Rosie's first day of school. Full day, all day she was away from home. The results were smiles and squeals, stories of Joseph who wouldn't stop following her around, Jacob who asked all day if he could hold her hand, yogurt everywhere in her lunch bag (being the one and only food she attempted to eat), and that William and she chased each other around the play structure for a little while during one of their recesses. The rest of her stories weren't so believable, like the giant cow (real cow) that lives in the classroom, the one with a pink bottom. Hmm.

Yesterday was spent at home with me, getting groceries, baking galore and playing school while Rosie called me by her teacher's name, all day.

Today. Door of school opens and her teacher walks out to squeals and jumps from Rosie possibly equivalent to those heard by groupies gathered this week at TIFF. Joseph stopped chasing her today and was happy to play together in the sandbox. She didn't have enough time to eat again today because she was talking so much to Claire. I told her, how about you eat more and talk less? To which Rosie answered, that's what the teacher said. Hmm. At least there was no spilled yogurt. Oh, and she learned to do the macarena while singing the months of the year. I kid you not.

William told me that at recess, he and Rosie have been introducing each other to their news friends, I love that. William says all the grade one boys run around playing 'bad guys' while chasing each other and pushing and grabbing. He says he runs alongside telling them maybe not to play that game. Hmm.

All I know is that after more than a week of really rushed, dare I even say crappy mornings, I woke up this morning to William going on about how much he loved school and couldn't wait to get back. He loves the French (bad English go away, only French! he says), it's as if an entirely new world has opened up to him. On the way home in the car yesterday (the only negative so far, not being able to walk) William was telling me he has deux garcons and une fille for his amis, not bad huh? He was so excited to have 'a sentence' that went back and forth between us. So glad we made the switch to French school, so worth it.

My two days alone have consisted of writing almost two thousand words. I love the first 250, plan on scrapping the rest and restarting. Feeling a little down about that tonight, seeing how out of practice and rusty I seem to be. It's so hard to love something I've written one day, only to hate it the next. Not to mention how weird it feels to eat lunches alone with only a book. Not that I'm complaining about that. It's still only week two, I always give myself until Thanksgiving for things to feel really comfortable and underway. Just glad the kids are happy, Scott's classes are starting somewhat smoothly for him, and I'm getting something done and enjoying a bit of quiet.


Monday, September 12, 2011

Early Days

Of course, this morning went off without a hitch and I can't post the pictures to prove it because my laptop with the pictures is in need of a good fixing, hopefully tonight. But I can tell you that for Rosie's first day, the Real First Day of School I'm calling it, there was sun and smiles all around.

But now I'm here in this big old quiet house, drinking coffee at my computer while listening to Sarah Harmer and marveling at her lyrics which are like poetry to me and inspire me to no end.

So I thought I'd start with a blog and be grateful for another beautiful day and that I may eat my lunch outside, alone with a book for a little while. Grateful for happy kids at school, grateful for an amazing anniversary party this weekend that we had for Scott's beautiful parents, and grateful for a supportive husband who has made me promise to write during these days alone and not to touch the laundry or other chores.

Grateful for the words that I dream will fill up these days and months and years that are only just beginning to open up before me.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


This picture probably highlights one of the better moments of the morning if you can imagine. William didn't want to go, although the teacher told us (the patient, patient teacher) that after we left the school where our son was screaming at us to stay, face up to the window, that after that, he was fine. He met us at the end of school, at the same window, positively beaming. He told us tonight there were just too many new things but that he's looking forward to going back tomorrow. I can hear him up in bed in the room he shares with Rosie, testing her on the names of his English teacher and his French teacher, promising to teach her all the French he learns. He's a happy kid tonight, already counting up to fifteen in French. Yup, he's good and now I get to finally relax and enjoy the newness and excitement of the week. But first...

..insert the muttering of mild profanities under my breath here.


Monday, September 5, 2011

Flip Flopping

School starts tomorrow and I'd be kidding myself if I didn't admit how nervous and apprehensive I am. It's William's first time at being there five full days and who is this teacher, person, I'm about to hand him over to? Rosie's home with me for another week until her days start next Monday, she goes in for half an hour this Wednesday just to check things out and she can't wait. Besides this, we've never been inside the school except to register and William wasn't with us. We did a lot of fun things after dinner this past week, treaty things for the end of summer holidays, and one night we went to the new school to let them explore a bit, peek in some windows, and play on the play structures. William's bravery astounds me. There were a few, 'I don't wannas' tonight, but nothing that's worrying me. I think it's the lack of time I'll have with him this year that is causing my butterflies tonight. That, and the hoping, desperate hoping, that he'll be happy. He's getting to an age where he's keeping things inside. No more screaming fits for the neighbourhood when he skins his knee, instead he'll walk away from me muttering, 'I'm fine, I'm alright'. So I'm not expecting him to tell me exactly how he's feeling, and I know he'll be okay. It's just what happens. But I except we're all pretending a little tonight to ignore the lazy summer days we've loved together and play it a little cool.

We spent today playing at a favourite local market, traveling through muddy corn mazes, buying cards (in a contraband Shopper's Drug Mart) in order to go back home shivering in our hoodies, to have hot chocolate, Scott's delicious homemade kettle corn and playing Crazy Eights and War until dinner time. After dinner, sausages, corn and fresh tomatoes, we had a Super Mario championship, followed by bath and bed, one final singing of the summer's theme song, the Cat Came Back, in it's entirety. Kids are sleeping, William's lunch is made, time to go downstairs to see Scott and what he's carving tonight.

It sure helps not having to walk through this alone.


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Love & Rainbows

Wow, it's been a long time since I've written here. I've missed it but I'll admit I haven't known where to start. Since I last visited here, we've had the best trip to Ottawa where Scott had a conference at the Museum of Tech and we all stayed with Aunt Paula and Aunt Claire. It was a week of talking and swimming and eating and walking and walking and walking and riding buses. Through the streets of beautiful downtown Ottawa to see the changing of the guard and the locks, through the market for chocolate covered licorice and beaver tales, through museums and stores looking for souvenirs like William's beloved double-decker bus. It was a week of growing confidence around cats and monkey bars and learning how to smoosh crab apples just right under our heels. Best yet, it was visiting and getting closer to our aunts who we love dearly. To be greedy and have them all to ourselves for a week, without having to share them with ten other relatives as is often the case with family get-togethers. To really get to know them and appreciate every bit of their generosity and coolness which can sometimes be tricky to keep up after days with young ones running underfoot and a muck. After a week in town, we hijacked Scott from work and took him away to the trailer for a cozy night of smores and hotdogs which we had just eaten before the storm started. Sleeping and playing Battleship inside a trailer was novelty for sure.

I'd been thinking a lot lately of the things we didn't get to do this summer, a trip to Centre Island, more camping, copious trips to the creek. But after this trip, it's impossible to think of anything but the things we did do, got to do. And that makes the upcoming start of school a little less bittersweet and makes us a little more ready.

Friday, August 12, 2011

From Awhile Back...

A great picture, not to be missed from a fun night!

Right Now

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

He's Here!

Good old Uncle Chad, here again from England. Been a year since we've seen him. Spent last weekend at Nana's in Whitby with him and we're heading up there again in a few days. Can't wait.


Sunday, July 24, 2011


It's been hot, we've been staying inside a lot. But we've managed, in the past week, a beach day, a movie indoors with friends, two trips to the market, three swims in our wonderful neighbours' pool, a fantastic visit with our dear aunt, and even to move both kids into one room (for no other reason except that they wanted to be together, if only just for the summer). So it has been hot, but it's been good!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

More of our Days

In the past days - daze - of summer, we've celebrated a year or two, or ten!

Had a few nights to ourselves, thanks to grandparents who gave our kiddos a few amazing days after which they came to retrieve us from our celebratory bliss in Stratford.

We've contemplated whether or not to domestic the cute little buggers who've been living inside of our vegetable garden. But decided not to since we do live on MacGregor Cres and need to uphold a certain lack of tolerance for lettuce munching bunnies.

Rosie's made some tea with mint from the garden.

They're enjoyed (honestly!) doing a math page or two - if it means a few minutes of computer time afterwards :)
Swinging, lots of swinging.

Lego, lots of lego. The computer is there with a picture of Optimus Prime for him to duplicate, and he does, and it transforms.

And dishes, she loves doing the dishes.

Topping it all off with fun at the Market today. Good times, loving those summer afternoons.



William says: Mommy, I don't want to go to bed tonight. I want to play cars (with Rosie) all night!

(It's Lego in this picture, but that was the other day. It's actually amazing us just how much fun they've been having together. Honestly, hours on end. Hope it lasts!)