Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Post-Christmas Glow

It was here for awhile, the glow after a satisfying, cozy, not too busy, not too many days spent in pjs until noon Christmas. It was balanced and perfect this year, not to mention insane. I believe it's going to get more fun each year as the kids get older, a perfect mix of traditions and new things to try out. But now there are colds, and my sore knee, and plans to do lots (like swimming and music classes, writing, poetry group, a bookclub, maybe yoga?) but things keep getting in the way. So we'll rest for a bit, just enough to get ourselves up and going again, and then we'll be off. But on the very good side of things, with this down time there are lots of toys to be played with, lots of new books to be devoured by me and if I'm lucky, some leftover chocolates hidden here and there.
And that castle you see before the kids in the bottom left-hand corner of the pictures was made by Scott and it's amazing!

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