Saturday, January 15, 2011

What Happy Looks Like

This picture makes me happy. How couldn't it? They were happy when I took it, just a little sick if at all then, I don't remember. I'm thinking a lot about happiness right now, working on a piece about it. The best happiness, I'm beginning to figure out, is the kind when you're not thinking about it, not trying to be it or look for it, but rather when you're lost in it completely, without pressure, and only realize it later when looking at a perfect picture of your two children, one with a gap where his baby tooth used to be and the other smiling just like you do, so fully that her eyes disappear.

We got out today! Finally, after an entire week spent inside, wanting to get out, even trying, dipping a toe out the front door in hopes when one of us would burst into a coughing fit and eyes would look far too runny and red to be made to leave the warmth of indoors. But today, with all of us on the mend except poor Rosie, we were off, in the snow, driving up hills barely, playing in Zellers and eating donuts at Tim Hortons in the mall. I even went to my first yoga class today and loved it. It was hot yoga and I will not burden you with the details of just how much I sweat because this is a post about happiness and that will not make you happy, nooooo.

So we got out, us four, and slipped all snowy around town quite giddy and silly and realizing now, very happy.


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