Friday, February 4, 2011


We've been doing a lot of things these past days. Enjoying our restored health, we've been outside enjoying the snow. We spent a Saturday getting skates and helmets and took the kids on their first skate. Rosie loved it, William wasn't so sure. He's never good with new things, he needs to know what's coming, have expectations, he needs to have it mastered before stepping out on the ice. That's why his first swimming lesson a few weeks back went horribly wrong but the second was great, he knew who his teacher was, which pool he would be in, how many kids were in his class, and so on. It reminds me of the first time, years ago, that we went to the children's museum and he had to leave because of the dinosaurs. He was only just three but the next few weeks were spent getting every dinosaur book we could find out of the library and learning all names and traits imaginable. Then we could return, and when he was able to walk before the dinosaurs and call them each by name, he was happy and secure. That's William in a nutshell. He needs to know to feel safe, and if it's important enough to him, he'll learn it. I admire his determination and focus.

I, on the other hand, know that all of the book reading in the world will no get me up and going on skates! I'm hopeless on them. But I'm hoping if I keep going with this yoga (which I love!) my balance will improve and help me on skates. With another helping and skating-able parent, the kids would get more ice-time and more confidence and more fun.

I've felt like as soon as we became un-sick I burst out of the gates filling up the days with so much, like February was the real start of the New Year. I'm hoping I can keep the momentum going and add even more things and time to my days by getting up early. I need to figure out some writing time, more yoga time, baking without feeling like I'm living in the kitchen (which isn't always a bad thing) and as always enough Scott and family time to keep us happy.
To balance, keeping going, doing as much as I can and want to do, along with relaxing and enjoying it all as well. Without feeling guilt when things slide, there are always things that will slide (me on ice, a given :).

Had to just stop because William wanted a cuddle and to open his Valentine that came in the mail from Nana today. Stop. Balance. Enjoy.


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