Sunday, March 20, 2011


It's only 9pm but I'm on my way to bed. My dear friend's twins were born this morning at 2:30am and I'd been at the hospital with them since 10:30am the day before. It was a great day, spending it with Mommy and Daddy-to-be in the delivery room. We'd hoped I'd be able to stay for the actual delivery but when Rachel was ready to go and it was time to go to the OR, only her husband and her own mother could go. Of course! Anyway, I got home and in bed shortly after 5am but hadn't seen the kids much since Thursday due to their trip to their grandparents so I could hardly push them away for more sleep when they jumped on me at 7am. Scott happily let me nap on and off throughout the day. But I want to get a full sleep tonight before I tackle the first day back to school after March break. So much happened in the past few days and I feel so lucky to have seen those beautiful twins, Dara and Ivan, so soon after they were born so happy and healthy. Can't wait to have a quick little visit sometime this week to introduce my gang. Rosie and William can hardly wait. Sleep time, good night Moon.



Anonymous said...

good night Gorilla!

nana said...

June 5th - Well done!!!