Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dancing Rose

This morning marked the end of Rosie's dance classes. It's been 10 weeks of moving around, throwing balls, flapping scarves, playing with parachutes and her personal favourite, pony gallops. This video shows the dance they'd prepared for the open-house today (or 'break-house' as Rosie called it for some weird reason). I love seeing dancing-Rose as compared to soccer-Rose. I love all the pots she's got her fingers into these days, whether it's painting or swimming or trying to read or telling her stories that sometimes seem to go on for hours. She'd getting to be our big girl and couldn't be more fun.
Now back to party preparation for a certain someone's 6th birthday party this weekend! More on him soon!


Oh right, the headband. All her idea.

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Heather and Josh said...

Jamie: "Whoa, she's gooood."