Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 12/13 - Control/Self-Awareness

I missed yesterday's blog because Scott and I had a date night and went to see X-Men, fun night. So I did forget. It's funny that the two times I forgot to blog here this month, the topic has been self-awarenness, hmm.

So the fun news, isn't anything big but it was exciting. For the past few months I've been writing off and on with the guidelines of the website. The woman, J.D., who facilitates this site is amazing and inspiring and I took a mini-course with her to get me going about a month or so ago. Since then I tried to do the write-a-day May thing but didn't get far, it didn't work well to try to write something new everyday when I already had a project going. But I did get a few stories up on another blog that is connected to hers. Anyway, hope this makes sense to people other than just me! Last week the Storyaday website wanted to showcase some of the writers and the stories they had done in May. I didn't participate in it. But! One night I was scrolling through some of the writers and the stories they're done and got to a post from J.D. She had posted one story of her own and then a recommendation of one (only one!) of her favourites she had read in May and it was mine!! I had no idea she'd done that and it felt amazing! I'm really started to realize I'm much more competitive and looking for publication more than I'd ever realized, it's fun! So I've got a great plan (mini) for the summer and long-range for the fall. I thrive on criticism, positive and constructive, and this week - just that little bit of recognition - did me a world of good!


(Wrote this very quickly on the way out for a playdate with lovely baby twins! Please excuse my excitement and rushing about for any typos!)

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